a week in my life at college! (very eventful)

a week in my life at college! (very eventful) i got booted, late nights, studying, workouts, college classes, hanging with friends, shooting and moreee!
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15 thoughts on “a week in my life at college! (very eventful)”

  1. FindMyselfDreaming

    Love the friend group and you doing alot! I miss these college days when eveything was fast and hard but somewhat amazing! Enjoy it all and make the best memoeris time goes so fast!

  2. Fluthy; he, him

    F*** the greedy capitalist system that booted your car. We need to reform the system and stop putting money into of the hands of the rich and powerful

  3. Heyyy, I’m back I’ve been off from YouTube since my birthday on the 7th cuz I went to the beach, but feels good to be back, your hair looks awesome. Your friends are sooo cool btw! 😀
    I love cherry flavored lollipops

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