productive weekend in my life in college 2022 | yale university

productive weekend in my life in college at yale! we do everything from writing essays and studying to laundry, organizing, making food, and more. come be productive and have fun with me:)

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if you’re new, hi i’m aimee! i’m a freshman at yale (major undecided) and i love making vids on college, lifestyle, fashion, and more. thanks for watching and subscribe for a fun time!

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With college decisions coming out pretty soon, here are some need-to-know tips before coming to college! Actual students bringing y’all the facts for this semester 🤓 Please consider subscribing for more college vlogs, fashion/lifestyle videos, and photography tutorials! 🙂

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31 thoughts on “productive weekend in my life in college 2022 | yale university”

  1. Did you protest the vaccine mandate at Yale or just let them insist on experimental meds for young people who have zero risk? What sort of critical thinking skills did you and your professors demonstrate?

  2. Andy, Hsing-Hung Yeh 葉星宏

    Wow, I just came across your videos yesterday on YouTube and subscribed right away! I am from Taiwan, so there are some phrases that I might not understand. Do you mind explaining a bit about "repping" when you point the Yale logo on sweat shirt of the your friend? Thank you a lot!

  3. Been waiting for your video since morning, it was so good and motivating to see! Thanks continue making these

  4. Edward Lee California USA

    Good morning Aimee happy Saturday morning and I just wanted to say that your vlogs is amazing and you are amazing Supporter and I'm proud of you because you are amazing productive

  5. What was your favorite honest advice? Let me know if you guys like these interviews and hopefully I can visit more colleges!

  6. Your top priority should be homework. You need to get that out of the way if you wanna live your life.

  7. just finished my first year of college, freakin procrastinated so bad for the last two quarter compared to the first quarter where I had a lot of motivation. Took a lot of Ls and failed a class. Am doing absolutely average here. But its ok.

  8. Brittany Taylor

    This was literally the best Advice video I came across so far. Thank you for actually depicting a really realistic college experience especially when you showed a click of the people enjoying spending a lot of their time studying in various places, or multitasking while studying. No one ever mentions the studying part, and mores depicts social events. and even though those social events do play a role, its a school as well.

  9. I just graduated high school and never talked to any of my classmates except a few “friends” and it makes you kind of meaningless. So idk how I’m going to feel in college.

  10. As a 3rd year college student here's my very important advice for freshmens

    1. Make friends, very important
    2. Don't be shy. This is not highschool you have to work more independently
    3. Have your dictionary available everytime
    4. Learn to use PowerPoint
    5. Do your assignment never pile it up.
    6. And very important that I learned is Chill the f**k out

  11. sharpaycutie2

    Don’t work and do school. If you’re parents make you work and do school they clearly don’t care about your educations. You’re mentally and emotional health is PARAMOUNT and a PRIORITY.
    2. Star how you want to finish. You want a’s by the end,study and do you’re hw. It’s hard caring after the fact
    3.make every minute count. Not Eveyone how they absorbing info is the same is the same but the principle still maters. Schedule Time for eating, sleeping,Studying and Hw

  12. Go to the library six nights a week. Study 45 minutes rest 15 minutes..repeat. Write out notes and check them over between classes. Have fun.

  13. Also, I don’t understand why most or all Asians think grades are everything and don’t worry about their kids mental health

  14. Jennifer Lopez

    Can you please do a video for those who will be an out of state student and don't want to take out loans

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