Ohio Professor Uses Roller Coasters to Help College Students Face Fears

Prof. Kevin Meyer teaches students to overcome general anxiety and phobias through immersion and exposure therapy.
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Conan & Andy Help Freshmen Move Into College - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

(Original air date: 9/6/96) Conan and Andy head to up Marist College to help the new freshmen students acclimate.
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37 thoughts on “Ohio Professor Uses Roller Coasters to Help College Students Face Fears

  1. Remember everyone, there was once a death in the six flags great adventure parking lot, but no deaths on the tallest ride in the world at the same park.

  2. I live about 1 hour away from cedar point, and I'm terrified of riding those roller coasters, so I'm so proud of you guys for facing your fears!!!

  3. Help… I’m terrified of huge rollercoasters and rides going upside down, but my cousin loves them and tomorrow we are going somewhere like that and she will force me on Every. Single. One.

  4. i was invited to six flags today & this is the scariest shit ever omg i’ve actually had panic attacks on roller coasters before…

  5. What is the class name for this so when I go to college I can go to the College in Ohio for that class?

  6. I’m terrified of roller coasters because the speed,the drops and the loops I’ll start crying or faint if I’m riding a scary roller coaster

  7. When this was filmed I was 1 year old, now I have graduated and working for almost 3 years, time passed so fast

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