College Life Enjoy…😅😅😜😜😘😘

Rawe- Rural Agriculture Work Experience,7th sem of B.Sc(Agri) degree…full enjoy…!!!!!
Patte khelnare – Ajay Pawar,Amit Kadam,Vinod Jadhav
Vachnara – Abhishek Khatkale( mee oo)
Camera man – Gaurav Dhaytadak

Hey guys I hope you enjoy my college packing/move-in day! Can’t believe its been a more than a month since I moved into my college dorm! if you are going through your first college experience too I would love to know about so comment down below!

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17 thoughts on “College Life Enjoy…😅😅😜😜😘😘

  1. This triple is so small! For my summer camp we stay in double dorms that are basically the same size! This summer we ended up with plumbing issues and had to move dorms. I got placed in a triple room, with only one roommate, and the room was triple the size of my double I was staying in before! It's crazy the sizing difference!

  2. pack everything you wear and the stuff you really don't then leave those because if you forget or don't go home much then you will have everything you want with you.

  3. You are overthinking too much. Split your clothes in too piles: "clothes i wear a ALL the Time" and "Clothes that I don' wear that much,? ANYMORE"; and if the first pile is more than the second pile, then pack those clothes OR just pack EVERYTHING, cause a class might want you to dress professionally or the outside weather is cold or you want to wear a comfy hoodie to chill out in while you are hanging out in your dorm. Whatever the case maybe; its just better to pack everything without saying: "Oh crap, I knew I forgot something!!!!, what am I going to do now?!"

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