How to get good grades in college!

How to get good grades in college!

Here are some tips from eHOW:

Step 1: Attend and excel
Attend all of your classes — don’t ditch. Always be on time and maintain a schedule that prioritizes hard work over comfort, friends, and fun in the short term in order to succeed in the long term.

Step 2: Participate in class
Communicate with the teacher or professor to be sure you understand what is expected of you, and participate in class discussions.

Step 3: Take notes
Take legible notes. Skip lines to separate points and focus on essentials. Review your notes and make outlines to make the material easier to remember for tests.

Revise constantly and utilize memorization techniques to absorb information.

Step 4: Establish study times
Maintain strict study times in a quiet, well-lit, comfortable place at home or at the library.

Step 5:
Scan footnotes, words in bold and italic print, summaries, charts, and review questions to commit information to memory. Jot down answers to likely test questions so you can study them later on.

Step 6: Organize your life
Keep to a tight personal schedule that includes eating, laundry, sleeping, and occasional socializing. Make habits out of discipline and achievement.

Research suggests that studying important facts and concepts just before going to sleep enhances retention.

Step 7: Reduce anxiety
Reduce test-taking anxiety by closing your eyes, breathing slowly, and imagining the tension draining out of your head, down your arms, and out through your fingers. Though taking a test is never easy, don’t let stress interfere. Now you can look for your name on the Dean’s List.

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  1. she advertises make up, lol. I really don't think you girls should focus on make up. You shouldn't care how societies views you just because you can't fall into the category. relax into your being and feel at ease.

  2. Andrew Dohrmann

    this is hands down some of the best advice ive ever heard I really wish i head this exact same thing coming out of high school. That be real talk 

  3. Umm no show up to class! Regardless of how hard the teacher is! They will see that when you haven't showed up the whole semester and suddenly show up asking what they want on the exam they won't tell you. And they may not be more lenient on you when it comes to grading

  4. that is because they get degrees in subjects that don't matter. go to school for 4 years and get a degree in history. what type of job do you expect to get? are those jobs in high demand right now? choose a degree that will lead you to a profession where you can actually get a job. how many people that go to school to become doctors, nurses, or teachers end up working at starbucks? if they actually do well in school, pretty much none.

  5. Collage is a Scam. There's a lot of people with college educations and dont have a job. They work at starbucks and book stores.

  6. i just need to say something: I HAVE THE EXACT SAME LEARNING STYLE AS YOU OMG please do more videos like this <333

  7. I'm in college as well and it's the unfortunate truth about learning instituions today. You have to "play the game"…. It'd be nice if there was a better way to sift through the intellect people and those that simply memorize but theres not… if you want be in a position like Daisy said where you can sit around and philosophize in the courtyard then you need to work hard until you're in a position where that IS your job. Again, unfortunately college isn't that place.

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