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I think this subject isn’t talked about enough on motivational channels on YouTube – including my own. My videos are made to motivate and inspire, but the message is not to study 16 hours a day, sleep 2 hours a night, have no social life, and drive yourself to exhaustion. That’s not the point. LIVE your life, be happy, you’re only young once, but when it IS time to study, then give it everything you have. Push yourself, seek challenges, face your fears, but ALWAYS keep your mental and physical health in check. Health comes first, above everything. And I really mean that – above everything.

Study hard, but put your welfare first.

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16 thoughts on “Improve Your Grades In 4 Minutes – Study Motivation”

  1. I love this video as much as you did while making it. This is so inspirational, unique the message traveled to my core. BUT, I think that this message is for people who study and get good grades but suddenly start to lose concentration, like me. I studied like..super awesome. Suddenly in tenth grade I started feeling 'what's the point'. This, I feel, is a video made for me. Not people who get C grades and want to score higher. Awesome video though.

  2. Form starts my high school and know in my universal level l like toget success but unfortunately the enemy of failure becomes my friend l am not reach still where l decide so who help me advice

  3. Damn. I match the imagination. Grade 10 student in my school's top 3, yet my performance is going down. I've decided, I'm gonna get back on track. Its time to focus.

  4. It's hard reaching people's expectations..

    I know I shouldn't care about them, but in this world, in this society, academics is the major basis of getting a better work and a better life. I got 2nd rank last school year, and now that I've changed sections, I've seen other people's capabilities, that they're a lot better than me, they are capable of doing things that I can't do. So now I'm kind of decreasing my rank, and people expect a lot from me, that I'll get rank 1 or 2, even if I can't (well, I can, but people in our class are just better than me). It sucks, but this is reality, and I just got to accept the challenges.

  5. The story you narrated is exactly what happened with me. Scored 97% in 10th grade but my performance dipped so much in 11th and 12th grade that I don’t have the motivation to prepare for my final 12th grade exams. I have always had the biggest dreams but when it’s the most important time, when all of my friends are way ahead of me, I’m lagging behind. It’s time to get life back on track.

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