From Community College to Medical School: Step by Step Instructions for Success (2013)

Presented By:
Francisco A. Solorio, M.S. II, University of Michigan Medical School
Sunday, October 13th, 2013. 11th Annual UC Davis Pre-Health & Pre-Medical National Conference
Copyrighted UC Davis Pre-Health Student Alliance 2013
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20 thoughts on “From Community College to Medical School: Step by Step Instructions for Success (2013)

  1. this vedio is relay helpfull to me..because I was thinking that I can,t do any thing ….my dream was to become a neuroocologist…sudenly I start thingking ..that I can,t do nothing …..I will do every think do complete my dream..Insha Allah…THANK YOU

  2. Should you shadow in community college or volunteer? Also, can you volunteer at hospitals? My community college is a block away from the city hospital so I think that would be a great opportunity for me.

  3. I'm from Oakland Ca, and currently in community college in Oakland. I want to become an OBGYN. This video gives me hope that a girl from the hood can make it into medicine

  4. Lmfao this is complete bullshit. If his story or any other person's story really mattered, the statistics would be completely different. This is just bullshit they put out so they can say they help out minorities and the poor. Pleaseeeeeee lmao it's like those people who say they're not racist because they have a black friend. Statistics prove it all and having gone to college and university the trend is common. People who go to Medical School are always wealthy. Any of these stories is complete crap. Don't be fooled guys.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. Not only did it give me a plan and motivation, but it also helped me reevaluate myself and how I want to see myself in the future.

  6. hey, Abdul sales I say don't think about it just do it. I have my ged and now attend a community college and from there I will apply to med school.

  7. thankyou for your video ! i am currently in a community college, but i am doing bad on a math class that i think i need to drop because i feel i will get an F. Does W'S on your transcript affect u on ur transcripts when u want to transfer to ucla?

    I am an X-Ray tech with 11 years of hospital setting experience. I've decided to go back to school for medicine. In my practice, I have seen everything from OR procedures, fluoroscopic and CT guided examination, X-Rays, portables in the ICUs, etc.. Would universities consider these practices as good clinical experience towards my future medschool application??
    I am a former MDC(Miami Dade College) student, previously known as "Miami Dade Community College" which I think at the time was consider one of the best Community Colleges of the nation, but now it's a College because it offers a Bachelor's degree.
    I will probably have to start from the beginning and I'm looking at taking my classes(at least freshman and sophomore years) at this College(MDC) instead of a University for several reasons: cost, convenience, I know the campus and professors as well..
    Can anyone tell me if obtaining your Bachelors degree from a College, instead of a University hinder your chances of getting into a reputable medical school rather than getting your Bachelors from say, a "Science University"??
    Would really help to hear your opinion on this please..

  9. All the videos from this conference have been such a great help! Thanks so much for posting them and helping us pre med students!

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