General Rules for College Success

Proven college success tips for getting organized, developing best study habits, getting noticed by professors and goal setting.

Are you interested in technology and looking for new ideas for teaching college success? Cuyamaca Community College has designed a college success course that appeals to the technology savvy New Millennial generation. Learn how technology is successfully integrated into traditional, blended and online courses. This college success course has increased student persistence by 27%. The course includes topics from college, career and lifelong success. This student success course has been approved for transfer to four-year universities and serves as a bridge from high school to community college to the university.

5 thoughts on “General Rules for College Success

  1. The information seems to be accurate and relevant enough, but it's a bit too general. (as you would expect from such a short video).

     I wish there were more in depth advice detailing techniques as well as general guide lines. (which would make a long video or website)

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