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So you failed a test… or even an entire semester. It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.

Here’s a process for bouncing back, along with some motivation to get you started.

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20 thoughts on “How to Bounce Back from Failure – College Info Geek

  1. Literally my math teacher thinks I should be bumped down to a lower math. I haven’t gotten a good grade on one of my math tests… because I just don’t freaking get it!

  2. I started off my year with a D and now I’m jumping up my mark. We only get a few tests. Everyone please pray for me.

  3. Just failed my exam and I wasnt able to reach free financing by my country.. So close yet so far.. Jesus it hurts hard.

  4. Would love for y’all to pray for me … I just failed my first exam of the school year in physics and I am feeling so defeated…

  5. The results of my test came in today, and yes I failed. All my friends passed. Even though they tried to make me feel better. Knowing they passed and I couldn't makes me feel so worthless

  6. I failed my first year of uni… i feel like its end of the world and i cant continue studying in this field in future if i sign out of uni ._.

  7. I just failed a Physics Exam after being overconfident. I have three more Exams left and I am in the process of getting back up and doing better. Yes I can , Yes I will

  8. Just failed a Probability and Statistics class. Returned to college after many years since leaving school. It was my fault, I wasn't prepared and had really poor study habits, and only recognised it a couple of months ago and have been trying to study 'properly'…. I'm actually surprised that I managed to catch up on the other 3 classes…. I expected a complete flop all round. Have to re-take stats next year. Although I'm frustrated and sad, I'm also a bit relieved to have a result, even a fail, because the uncertainty was killing me. Will take a few days to relax from study.

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