The 5 WORST Things about University (Advice for Freshers)

The 5 worst things about University that not many people like to talk about, plus advice for freshers!
In this video I am talking about some of the negatives about going to University, in particular the ‘worst’ things in my own opinion and experience. Keeping it honest and real for all you students about to go to University… enjoy! 

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Heather Pickerell is a 1L law student at Harvard Law School. If you want to study at Harvard, apply for a free education assessment here:
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After graduating from Harvard College, Heather worked for two years as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she contracted with the Department of Justice, before enrolling at Harvard Law in the fall. After law school, Heather plans to practice civil rights law and work with organisations like the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, or GLAAD.

Follow a day in Heather’s life at one of the world’s best law schools, learn about the rigorous course load and schedule of a 1L Harvard Law student, and listen to Heather’s terrific advice about law school admissions and navigating the law school classroom!

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38 thoughts on “The 5 WORST Things about University (Advice for Freshers)

  1. Do you think a foreign student can find a part time job easily while studying in uk….my advisor said i will but i still have doubts and im completely on my own, so i worry even more

  2. Hey Nathan, love your videos man. Do you think you could make a video about how to manage finances at uni? Like what would you recommend investing in and how did you manage you student loans and did you have a job at uni?

  3. Man there’s some things I dread the 2nd point about people you don’t get on with worry’s me a bit, just the situation he put you in, I don’t want that

  4. I disagree with how you dealt with the guy who was talking about you- I would of confronted him and said fair enough- maybe a convo would just sorted everything- even if he’s a wasteman, just go with it ? Is this just me thinking I can socially be complementary with everyone ?

  5. 2005 Harvard Law grad. Bunch of elitist libtards! Doesn't surprise me one bit that this chik wants to work for the ACLU. Waste of life and $!

  6. not sure if it's changed, but i took the lsat twice in 2018 and you can absolutely cancel your score. you can only cancel within six calendar days of taking the test, so you won't know how well you did (and i wouldn't cancel it because often when it feels like you bombed an exam you did better than you expected). but you can cancel it for sure

  7. I'm older,but I want to learn the Harvard law school by home sturdy because I like Harvard my preference in the wold.see me and call me.I hope you can find me to start.Want is power.

  8. Harvard law school,do you know the law is elastic ,more you pull the law it's come to you,So law suit should not have limit.

  9. Poor Dirshowitz…here we are picking on him because of his pedophilia. We forget about all the massaging, the pounding, the yanking, & the sucking he must have endured while on that hellish island. At least his torment had a "happy ending"…..until now.

  10. It is now an indoctrination center ran by a cohort of the worst president and traitor to this nation we ever had… Obama. I noticed the event they were hosting she named was something in regard to baking cakes for gay couples. This is the focus of these indoctrination centers now…. bring in the most far left wing radicals they can… and teach them to flip established constitutional law on it's head to further their own careers by way of destroying established American values.

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