Coaching for Academic Success

Coaching for Academic Success video script
Eric: Hello, and welcome to the Coaching for Academic Success office at CLC. My name is Eric Tammes and I’m the manager of the academic coaching program. We work with students in pre-college English, math and ELI courses at all three campuses. If you’re enrolled in one of these courses, you’re automatically assigned an academic coach.
Sandra: Hi, I’m Sandra Pizano and I’m an academic success coach. We work closely with faculty to help students perform better in their classes. Faculty let me know if students are missing class or having difficulty with homework or exams. I contact students and we set up a plan to improve.
Keon: Hi, I’m Keon Dillon and I’m also an academic success coach. We help you with managing time, setting goals, connecting you with CLC resources, getting involved on campus, and making the most of your CLC education. Think of us as your educational guide.
Sandra: Whether you’re in a pre-college class or not, we have a few suggestions for all CLC students:
Utilize faculty office hours. Your instructors are great resources and set aside this time to help you learn more and get the most out of your class.
Plan time for studying and homework. Schedule study time like you schedule your classes.
Keon: Use the tutoring center. Tutoring is available for many subjects, it’s free and it’s available at all three campuses. And another tip – meet with a tutor right after class so the information is still fresh. Always go to class and complete the homework. Even if attendance or homework is not required, your instructors still expect you to be there and complete the assignments.
Eric: To learn more about Coaching for Academic Success, visit us the Grayslake library or email us at Your success at CLC is our commitment.

In this two-part video you’ll learn what community college is, the degrees and certificates they offer, and reasons for attending the community college.

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