Did Kumon Help Me In College?

Did Kumon Help Me In College?

After 5 years at Kumon, I did not remember much of what I learned, but I did take away a few life lessons that have benefitted me throughout high school and college. HOWEVER, you don’t have to go through Kumon to learn these!

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  1. Hi!❤ I am really searching about kumon. I find a lot of negative feedbacks about it but now i saw your video it gives me a little idea on how my kid will be in the future. Why i want him to do kumon because he easily get frustrated on something he cant do, so maybe just maybe doing kumon can teach him how to be patient and learn every problems on his on way. On your personal opinion will you suggest kumon?

  2. Kumon was supposed to help me towards school. At least that what I was told. In the 4th grade I didn't really pay attention, I wasn't bad at math but I hadn't really learned multiplication. So I thought going to kumon was going to help me learn multiplication, I was dead wrong. They sat me down and handed me a sheet with 2 pages of addition, 2 pages of subtraction, 2 pages of multiplication and 2 pages of division. I got through all the addition and subtraction with flying colours. The multiplication was pretty hard but I only got 3 questions wrong. Then I was on the division pages, something I've never learned before. So I couldn't do it. I handed it in and on Thursday I went back and was told because I couldn't do something I never learned and got 3 questions wrong on a 120 double sided question sheet I needed to start at the basics, addition. How does that make any sense?! So after 2 years of grueling work I was finally on multiplication. And might i mention that because I got homework every day of the week from kumon (4 pages double sided a day) and the homework from school, the stress got to me and I was failing school so hard. I wasn't happy with what I was doing that and since complaining to my parents only met with one answer, no. I was met with the fact that it had to be my brain was stupid. I hated myself and was always sad, even though I never went to someone medically, I deeply believe I had depression. And that's no joke. So one day I had enough. I stopped doing the work they gave me and when I was in kumon I never touched a pencil. I was taking a stand for myself and i wasn't going to take anymore of this torture. So eventually the couldn't handle it so I left. And it was the best day of my life. I'm now more happy than ever before. Kumon ruined my life so I wasn't going to take it. Now I'm doing better in class because I LEFT kumon, and I learned all of multiplication in under month because I didn't learn it from kumon. The only thing I learned from there is this: in kumon you start from the basics no matter what you have trouble with. Your bad at division? Well let's make you learn addition instead like a preschooler. And when you start you start at level A. Then Aa, Ab, Ac, then Ad. Then B then C then D then you learn subtraction and the problem repeats it self. To get past addition and subtraction it takes 2 YEARS to finish. Not because it's hard but because there's so much work. And the more work you have the more stress. And with school homework piling on, the stress level is through the roof. My parents had to pay 180 dollars a month so I could learn the same as a preschooler instead of me get the help I need with the subject I need. So please follow my advice: DON'T GO TO KUMON. You learn nothing.

  3. Brooooo kumon has destroyed my relationship with my mom because we always get into arguements over quiting, not going there on certain days, recieving less work or replacing kumon. But the funny thing is that i offered to replace kumon with better things that work with my time such as IXL or khan academy and she still won't budge. And now since i am going to this academically advanced private middle school i have to do IXL and Kumon along reading a bunch of books over the summer.

  4. I found your old video when looking into Kumon. Do you have recommendations on what would be the preferred alternative to Kumon that you would use after 6th grade? Thanks

  5. I agree with this. Back in 3rd Grade which was 11 years ago, my parents sent me to go to Kumon so that I can learn a lot of topics in English and Math such as elementary to middle school and a little bit of jr. high stuff. I think I was on Level G in Math and I was Level E in English, and dang everytime I answer the same questions, the instructors didn't even let me go to the next level, 3 years later which was 2011. It got kind of worse so I stopped going to Kumon during that time in the summer, and I was already going into 7th Grade. Doing Kumon and school homework was such a conflict. I've learned so much from the mistakes I've made. I learned that it's important to have both Math & English apply to my studies, especially after I left Kumon. For me, I know that saying goodbye to my instructors was hard, but I know what was best for me and that I'll remember what I learned during my past 3 years (2008-2011) of going there.

    Today, these two subjects were easy for me because I've learned them when I used to go to Kumon in my early days. I find it very applicable that everytime there's a discussion in school, I would recall on what the answer was for Math & English.

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