Success in College

Cengage Learning author Laura Bracken talks about how Elementary Algebra, 1st Edition, and Intermediate Algebra, 1st Edition, are written to empower students for success – both in algebra courses and in college life. She outlines how she and co-author, Ed Miller, empower students by providing steps and examples that serve as resources for students with complicated lives. The material in the texts is laid out in a logical way, taking a practical approach to the study of algebra concepts. Both texts focus on developing better study habits, problem solving and critical thinking skills, along with orienting students to think and reason mathematically. Through using Elementary Algebra 1e and Intermediate Algebra 1e, students will not only be better prepared for future math courses, they will be better prepared to solve problems and answer questions they encounter in their own lives.

Brooks/Cole, a part of Cengage Learning, draws on a 40-year tradition of striving for innovation and customer-focused publishing. Brooks/Cole specializes in mathematics and the physical sciences.

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