LBCC – Habits of Successful College Students

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18 thoughts on “LBCC – Habits of Successful College Students

  1. Why I only found this now is beyond me and why he doesn't have millions of views compared to the other lame garbage on YouTube is also beyond me!

  2. I'm not American But I can understand about 90% what he's saying. but when I watching some movie or series I can't even undertand 15% what they saying :/
    this teacher speaks so clearly that's possible understand almost words that he's saying.

  3. you are really perfect teacher i have ever seen before but your videos have a problem about subtitle please fix it for us thanks for every endeavor

  4. I'm looking for the video hand out but can't find it. The link says page not found. Can this link be updated? I would love to have access to all of your hand outs!

  5. Attandance of class is not valid every where in the world; to realy succede in studying some subjects in Germany for instance if you attend, you would loose your time and it is better it concentrate and work at home or in the liberary ……

  6. This video was given to me in my Listening practice class. I have not seen it yet. So my question is for those who has already viewed it, is it possible to relate the difficult grade that could have?

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