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  1. been subscribed since your very first video, love your channel so much! stanford has always been my dream school and i'm so inspired by you :)

  2. This is such a cool idea. It would be amazing to see this service expand to other top colleges where your viewers could basically have students from their dream schools edit their essays (hmu if this happens and you're looking for ambassadors from UCLA lol). Keep up the great work, you (and your friends) are changing lives. :)

  3. at 14:55, the repetition of "each" is anaphora, more specifically.

    so ummm, for pointing that out, can i get a discounted price?

    in all seriousness, y'all are awesome for editting essays. thank you for providing this service to students around the world.

  4. Kath, what do you think my chances are to a USC scholarship with a 90 UW and a 93 W gpa with a 36 ACT

    Edit: let me elaborate a little more. I’m a brown transguy from NY. My freshman year I did ehh, not too good. 81 average with a couple 70’s and mostly 80’s. Sophomore year I realzied my mistake and end up with around a 92 average and a 93 W, junior year I ended up missing 2 months of school because of surgery but managed to pull a 92 UW and a 95 W. For ec’s I only did fencing freshman year, after I had physical problems and couldn’t continue with sports. Sophomore year no clubs. Junior year I am VP of gaming club, in art club, and key club. Plan on joining DECA senior year. I’m gonna get a job over the summer and maybe start a school club/businsss. I also am apart of a gaming club with a following of 30k and made videos for thousands of people and organized tournaments for people with prize pool money. Do you think I can get into USC? If so, can I qualify for merit?

  5. Omg this video is great! I was just wondering, when do you suggest we start writing our essays(I'm going to be a junior this fall)? I was talking to someone and they said "I guess you're supposed to start the summer of your junior year" but don't the questions change? Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Katherine! I'm really interested in Stanford esp. Steven's major (Management Science and Engineering) and I will be applying this fall. Is there anyway that I could possibly message him personally?

  7. You are an ANGEL!! I'm an international student and last night I was stressed out, because I couldn't find anyone who could help me and revise my essay and today I saw that you posted THIS video! THANK YOU!!!

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