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Click on this link to watch Best 5 Ideas for College Students that will Make You a Successful Student, suggestions for successful students and the best 5 ideas for college students with the best 5 tips for college students to become successful in all fields. A video for school students and college students to watch and learn successful student habits as well as study tips and ideas for college students especially lessons and ideas for successful students on how to be successful in college and how to be a good student in college
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The List is called SNICK – because it will help you just snick past your competition
1. (S) Start something – Start a blog, a comedy group, a conference, a club, or even a business this year! So, you’re probably thinking, how can I just get up and start something new. I don’t even have the skills for it. A great way to acquire the skills is through volunteer work – You can do volunteer work in NGO’s. One such opportunity I can think of, that you can check out is Board of Young Leaders Program by Eat My News. In this program you can be a member of a thriving youth community where you can get a lot of guidance and mentorship and you also get to work in various fields like content, marketing, HR and more. This experience will give you the skills required to start something new and also to explore what you would like to do in future in your career
2. (N) Networking with peers and professors – Make it a point to develop a relationship with a professor you respect. And I suggest that you have ONE single conversation each day with someone outside of your close group of friends and you never know where that takes you.
3. (I) Internships: College is the time where you should figure out what you love doing, and what you don’t love doing. Try a mix, work for a start-up once, another time for a large company and once do a research project with a professor or volunteer one summer. Experimentation is the key.
4. (C) Conferences: I wish I could go back to college and attend amazing youth conferences. These are not only great opportunities to network, but they are also fun and full of learning and help you to make so many new friends. Youth Leadership Conference is one such conference that I can think of, which is highly recommended by many students in India.
5. (K) Keep Learning – College is the best time to acquire practical skills. Yes, it is important to study, work hard, and do online courses for curriculum-based work. But I recommend taking up some offline courses which are practical and useful. Platforms like Mindgrad train you on various interesting topics like Life Design, Personal Branding, Digital Marketing Strategies, Emotional Intelligence, Interview Skills etc. These courses once again give you the opportunity to network and learn and prepare you for a successful career.
Remember, college is a special time, so make the most of it

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  1. Hello ma'am.
    I am glad to hear you I completed my graduation in commerce pls suggest me what can I do after Bcom.

  2. Keep learning is perhaps the most important one of them all apart from starting it in the first place.

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