Should I Drop Out of College? Is it OK to Graduate College Late?

What’s going on? I’m Jasmine and here on my channel, as well as my blog, I am committed to authentically sharing my stories so that through transparency we are connected and freed and you always understand that no matter what, you are not alone.

Should you drop out of college? In this video, I talk about my own undergrad experience and how it took me nine years to graduate from college. Hopefully it will give you motivation not to drop out of college. I will also give you reasons not to drop out of college and the right way to drop out of college.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Drop Out of College? Is it OK to Graduate College Late?

  1. Your video was a relief for me because I dealt with similar issues, hence not being able to graduate on time because of those three reasons! Going back to campus, I literally felt old as well, but thank you for posting this! I actually met you 3-4 years ago at a college conference with ENC. We talked briefly, but I remember you being so positive!

  2. Waawu! Nange ba students bange njakubalaga video yo eno in my classes. I'm very sure nti it'll indeed inspire them. Akuume.

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