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Vlog #2 LET’S TALK ABOUT: money. Here’s an insight to why I chose to do #vanlife as a full time college student and how I plan to graduate college 100% debt free!

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26 thoughts on “HOW TO GRADUATE COLLEGE 100% DEBT FREE: live in a VAN

  1. Wow. Really cheap rent where you live. You’d never find an apartment for that where I live it would be like double that price.

  2. u r so inspiringggg <3333 im a college grad &in so much debt. after all these college loans. iplan 2start vanlife next month when my apt lease ends. iregret ever going 2school bc istill cant get a good paying job. still working minimum wage jobs 2cover my rent. im sooo stressed w all these bills. ijust want 2live in my car &live freelyyy.

  3. I wish I had explored van life when I was going to school many years ago. So much of my monthly income went to rent and I could have been debt-free after school if I had done it.

  4. Hi, can you talk about how much do you spend on car insurance and tax? Because having a car its not completely "free"
    In my case, i am in UK and here the car insurance for young people is very expensive!
    So can you please do the same calculation that you did but including the car expenses.
    Good Luck!!!

  5. Good thinking. In 1968, when I got out of the army, a friend and I got an old travel trailer, fixed it up and lived in a trailer park near the college. With working part time and VA help, I was able to get my degree with no debt. We looked at apartments, and even 50 years ago it was several hundred per month. I do remember the rent at the trailer park was $42.50 per month. We had $1500 in the trailer, after college we sold it for $1250. Seems like you have a great plan, wish you good luck and thumbs up.

  6. I really want to know if I know this guy because I know a pizza driver in the LA area who is majoring in CIS.

  7. Aaron, another way that he can get through generals at least at my college are "C.L.E.P," tests. Essentially, you can pay to take the final and if you score a 70% or higher, then you can get out of some of these classes, they seem like a win-win if you can test well.

    For most generals, these should be okay, except for Math/English as I know that these are grades transfer schools want to see, Calculus/english 1 and 2, etc.

  8. Yeh, you are sick of dudes talking about getting girls like it is science. Will I am sick of everyone and I mean everyone, claiming to have a high IQ, from I quick internet test they took.

  9. dislikes socialism but will endorse joining the military to be a puppet pawn for free shit. if you join for the monitary benefits by themselves, you will hate it. Trust me people. been there done that. you will hate being around knuckle draggers for years on end. keep working. the military is not worth it if you have a high IQ and actually care about yourself and the big picture. so unless you cannot find a job, or are homeless…don't join. trust me.

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