My College Experience 2016 w/ PICS! + Where Have I Been? & HUGE GIVEAWAY!!! | Vlogmas Day 18

My College Experience 2016 w/ PICS! + Where Have I Been? & HUGE GIVEAWAY!!! | Vlogmas Day 18

My College Experience 2016 and Where Have I Been? PLUS Beauty Haul and Unboxing. My apologies for the super delayed vlog but I’ll explain where I have been as well as take a walk down memory lane through my college experience. Also a new unboxing and a HUGE Giveaway!!! This is also Vlogmas Day 18, 2016. Enjoy my college experience!:)


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17 thoughts on “My College Experience 2016 w/ PICS! + Where Have I Been? & HUGE GIVEAWAY!!! | Vlogmas Day 18

  1. This year I want to accomplish my weightloss goals and go back to school for media journalism. I have always admired you and am grateful to have found your channel so long ago :)

  2. My goals for this year is to save money, start my own grant writing business and lose weight! (Channel username: shamikaXsmiley)

  3. My username is Kiara Lindsey. I enjoy watching your channel! My goals for 2017 is continue to do well in college; maintaining my GPA and continue to remain on the Dean's list. Also, meet new people!

  4. my username is baileigh2 and my goal this year is to grow closer with god finish a 365 day devotional, get a new job, and focus on my health and fitness!

  5. My username is IndicaMoonxx, and what I want to accomplish this year is keeping my sanity. I went through a lot 2016 and I don't know how I'm making it right now. I plan on doing anything and everything my grandma wants because she's sick and can't walk anymore and idk how much longer she'll be here. Also to pass all of my classes this semester and graduate college with my AA Degree in December . Ever since my grandma got diagnosed with colon cancer I have been very unorganized and stressed out so hopefully this year I can be less stressed. And to also finally start my YouTube channel. I love all ur videos by the way. You're one of my favorite youtubers.

  6. fattgurrlglam is my username. This year I'll be starting my YouTube channel and I'll vlog my weight loss journey. I will hope to inspire others who struggle with their weight. My weight loss goal is to lose 150 by December 31, 2017 I will love to win the Journal to keep track of my progress.

  7. My username is ksmiley73. One of my three biggest goals for the new year is to grow my youtube channel, get and maintain a 4.0 GPA, and also lose 35 pounds. Thank you for allowing me to entering this giveaway!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your channel!!!!

    This year I just want to focus on myself! With me being a Cancer, I always get consumed with everyone else and tend to forget about the person who should come first.. ME. I also want to grow stronger in my faith… God has truly blessed me in so many ways :)

    IG username: miss_shenise

  9. Hi Ciara.. My username on the Channel App is tierrasmith1212. In 2017 my goals are to finish my degree program, improving my finances, and living a healthier lifestyle for me and my daughter.

  10. Hey Ciara!! I have goals in relationships, career, lifestyle, health, & hair. But my top goals are to be more healthy by exercising more consistently & eating healthier, to get a promotion in my new job && to get out of my shell and begin writing a book and be in a play. Username: Donna2008Pooh

    Side note, you should do a video on your 2017 goals/ action plans etc.

  11. Happy holidays to all and thanks Ciara for this wonderful opportunity and for providing us with wonderful informative and inspirational videos, i just wanted to let you know that you are truly inspiring and to keep up the good work your videos and advice have truly inspired me throughout my college career I was able to use that advice to improve my finances, create my own health and fitness journey, and to gain confidence and independence now I can say that I am officially a graduate and I hope you realize the impact you have made on my life and your loyal subscribers ,so whenever your feeling lost just remember that you do make a difference My goal for the new year is I actually would like to take your advice and take a few trips to explore the world , as well as get my masters degree , and start a new fitness journey – shae Monique

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