Is a College Degree NECESSARY for Success?

Is a College Degree NECESSARY for Success?

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Let’s explore if a college is necessary for success in life and business. This is a question I receive a lot!

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8 thoughts on “Is a College Degree NECESSARY for Success?

  1. I don't agree! I think that college is absolutely necessary for our society. You need to go to college if you want to be a doctor, engineer, teacher…there are things that you can't learn by just books or the internet. That way, you run the danger of acquiring false knowledge. There's a reason why people elaborate curriculums! I know that there are people out there who made it without college, but that doesn't mean that you can do everything without a degree. I wouldn't want to get treated by a doctor who didn't go to school.

  2. Halllo Conny, Zeit mal DANKE zu sagen für 2018 und deine Videos. Erst dachte ich:"oh man jetzt dreht sie in Englisch, na dann tschüss" Aber dann haben mich Deine Videos "auf Englisch" einfach aus meiner Komfortzone gezogen und ich dachte "ok so leicht wirst du mich nicht los" :-) Und??? Es hat sich gelohnt! Für mein Englisch, gegen meine Bequemlichkeit und für meine Entwicklung. Deine Gedanken Deine Anstöße sind immer wertvoll !!! Deine Authentizität und Offenheit und Mut ist der Hammer dafür 10000% RESPEKT Ich freu mich auf 2019 und bin gespannt was alle so kommt. Dir nur das Beste. LG Kai

  3. I quit studying in the fourth semester of my bachelors in March, started again in October. It was kind of a switch, still engineering though. I think it’s pretty important to go to uni when it comes to tech/mechanics/engineering stuff, because so much of the knowledge you need I s just really hard to get only from books or even harder online.
    Uni gives me the space to explore things as well, meeting people I would otherwise never see. Maybe I’ll see things different in a few years, but studying really challenges me personally from time to time and is still a lot of fun. Still, I would never only rely on my degree, it’s much more about your personality and your soft skills.

  4. I started blogging about vegan health in 2009 and realized that I was not able to properly make up my mind scientifically about everything you read on the internet and that there was a lot of medical bullshit out there. So I started med school in 2011 and I am almost done. And I absolutely don't regret it. Mostly because of the science I learned and understanding research.

  5. I love this video! I have a degree in middle grades education and almost $40k in debt… The job I have now, that I enjoy and pays fairly well, does not even require a college degree. It really bothers me that I am so far in debt for a degree I will never use again. I taught for about a year, wasn’t for me. I literally went to college to not disappoint my mom. I wish I, At the least, took a gap year or two…

  6. We just had this conversation yesterday in my household, yes on Christmas Day.
    My husband didn’t go to college. He has a very wealthy business.
    I went 3 years for a minor degree that I don’t use now. However, I did learn a lot about myself.
    My daughter just got a bachelor degree in educational phycology. All she hears is oh, get your master or you’ll never make money. In some ways she has no room to grow or expand because of that darn piece of paper. It’s possible she’ll bust out of the system, drop the degree and go onto doing her own thing. She just started this job in September. So I think she’s still learning the ropes of oh this is what I’ve got to do to pay the bills.
    Great video Conni.
    P.s. my younger daughter says she’s not going to college.

  7. I got some good advice I didn't take: do something practical before you go to college. An apprenticeship, learn a trade, dive into your very own projects and then go to college. If that's what you still want. And if you do, you'll know why and you'll be able to focus your energies better and make the most of your courses.
    Academia still holds a lot of benefits, I believe. As you said, structure and networks can be great. I need a lot of structure and accountability. Critical thinking is one of the most important things I learned in college, however, my minor (American studies) was way better at teaching that than my major (art history). Both departments were very different environments to be a student in.
    But you're totally right about how the cost of college (in money, time, nerves) often exceede the benefits.

  8. Soft skills, practical experience and passion are actually more important these days than a degree. Heard that so often from people, including teachers and professors.

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