How To Get A's In College | Tips to Get Straight A's

How To Get A's In College | Tips to Get Straight A's

hey guys!! welcome back to my channel and welcome to todays video! we are talking ALL about how to get a’s in COLLEGE woo! its not really THAT difficult to make a’s in college if you are willing to put in some time and effort. i look at it like college is my job so i owe it to myself to put the work in! This is a how to get a’s in college video but also a how to get good grades video OVERALL! Also.. so excited becasue this video is a collab with OLENA! check out her video linked below. i hope you guys enjoy this video today!!

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17 thoughts on “How To Get A's In College | Tips to Get Straight A's

  1. Honestly simply going to class makes a huge difference. Somethings are only said in lecture and you need to take notes of you hope to pass. Study and and do your readings ask questions.

  2. I have been failing exams and quiz…. but I havnt been late to classes or was absent once.. will i able to pass the class if i keep up submitting hws and doing really good on group presentation? things like that?

  3. Cs get degrees but shouldn't you aim for an a or at least a good understanding of the subjects that you're taking .

  4. These tips are so helpful, since i've been watching your videos, i'm getting ready for freshman year in college, thanks Brooke

  5. When you've already graduated from college and will literally never take another class again yet still watch all 10 mins

  6. OMGUSH!! So I'm subscribed to both of you guys, and you both posted your videos at once. And I was like YAASSS ITS LIT! I thought it was just coincidence, but I just found out and this just made my day. :)

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