Is college right for you? it was for her, it wasn’t for him – we break down the pros and cons of university through our own experiences.

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5 thoughts on “DO YOU ENJOY COLLEGE?

  1. I agree with a lot of your points. The mentors and relationships I seek out have been so meaningful to my personal growth. Knowledge is useless without application. I like Matt's point about having a degree- that it's not as valuable anymore because it's becoming more mainstream. What can we do as a society to change that? Have more Matthews in the world? Haha- More people taking the non-traditional path?

  2. My husband watched this with me and he says Matt should just be an entrepreneur 😉 (That's his major, btw)

  3. Nice vid! If I was to do college over again I would chose to go to trade school vs the standard college route.

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