Get ACCEPTED to your dream school with poor grades and low test scores

Do STRAIGHT F’s, no SAT/ACT scores, no high school diploma get you into the TOP COLLEGES?

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As a high school student, I earned STRAIGHT F’s, NEVER took my SATs and dropped out never completing my high school diploma or GED.

Today, there is overwhelming pressure on students to excel and get accepted to the top colleges. Any misstep can seem catastrophic.

My mission in life is to share my story in the hopes that it will provide students with some hope and guidance during some of the rough patches that lay ahead.

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20 thoughts on “Get ACCEPTED to your dream school with poor grades and low test scores”

  1. my first 3 years of high school I did so bad I ended up failing 3 classes and recovered 2 of them, my SAT scores were actually the lowest in my grade, and I finally got high honors 2 quarters in a row right now in my senior year. But I have no clue what i'm doing after high school help.

  2. Michael Orozco

    I wish I met this guy 2 years ago I am 21 in march and now I am motivated to get in to my dream school, better now then never right?

  3. Lil Poovey Vert

    What if i Had mostly B's and C's in high school.. live in NC.. but have a dream to go to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!
    and im also broke

  4. Jessica Rodriguez

    the first semester of freshman year in highscool is almost over and i have an F in honors and im watching this crying trying to make myself feel better

  5. I have depression and extreme social anxiety and it's severely affecting my grades. I got Cs, Ds and Fs my first 2 years of high school and as a junior with Ds and Fs I'm doing even worse. I know that junior year is the most important year in high school. I'm not taking any AP or honors classes and still failing and honestly I don't know what to do! I honestly feel like I've ruined my life. I know people say "Oh don't worry you can turn your life around if you apply yourself!" But I've heard so many horror stories about adults who didn't do well in high school and tried so hard to turn their lives around and still failed. I don't know what to do I know I got myself into this mess. I feel like I'm on a plane that's doomed to crash. I know this is extreme but seriously I feel like killing myself because a life working at Walmart is not worth living. I have a semester of junior year left and then senior year. There's also a community college almost right next to my neighborhood but I'm not sure if I can get into it. Please can anyone help me?

  6. I'm a junior in high school and I have had no lower than a C on my report card and I'm going after my dream college university of Chicago I also love university of Irvine UCLA and uc merced

  7. Thanks for giving me some hope! I’m a junior and I have a 2.8 gpa rn because of the grades I had in 8th grade and 9th grade. I really want to go to Rice University. I want to do everything it takes to get there!

  8. joseph rodriguez

    I honestly dont know what to do. My dream college is USC but I have a 990 on my SAT and I have a 3.4 GPA

  9. Okay my grades:

    AP Computer Science: C
    VU American History: C
    AP European History: D+
    VU Precalculus/Trig: A
    AP Physics C: Mechanics: C+
    French: A
    English 11: D

    Okay done with the first quarter can I still turn things around and get into MIT (im a junior)

  10. Европейский Чудаки

    Where did you get the 32,000 dollars? Which department of the government/ organization was ''uncle sam''

  11. Nadia Williams

    I'm a junior and my weighted GPA is a 3.6. This year I kinda got lazy ended up have two D's the first term. Then I brought up my grades. I take an AP course I have a consistent 75 in the class or all(which rounds up to an 85). And I'm so nervous because I don't know if my GPA is gonna drop or stay the same. However its not enough to get into NYU (GPA-3.7 and highly competitive). Scares and sadness me to know that I have a good chance of not getting or even be able to receive scholarship money from them. What should I do? Also school hasn't ended for me until June

  12. It’s funny I began with straight As in my freshman year ambitious to go to Berkeley, but I looked deeply at my life, my sophomore year mostly consisted of Cs and Bs as I took this time to pursue the discovery of myself, I changed philosophies and religions, I wrote two books in my spare time, but I realized writing wasn’t really for me, then I began research the basic concepts of physics and other sciences, diving deeper and deeper in understanding, wanting to pursue these interests and eventually get a PhD, I know now this isn’t an option so I decided to join the navy and become a nuclear engineer on a submarine and eventually build a prototype of an invention I’ve been working on

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