It Takes 5+ Years to Graduate from College?

It Takes 5+ Years to Graduate from College?

A new book, Crossing the Finish Line, takes a look at the failure of public universities in getting students through the system on time (within 4 years). Only 50% of students are finishing within 6 years.

In this week’s video, Chelsea and Lauren discuss they surprising good investments that everyone should make after college — while still staying on budget.

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20 thoughts on “It Takes 5+ Years to Graduate from College?

  1. I'd like to note, it's a rather useless statistic to select the 4-year mark when someone is, arbitrarily, granted a "degree". What's more important is the data on (GPA) performance per year in college, to see if an individual peaks younger. If an individual has maintained a 4.0 at his/her junior year, but takes an additional 5 years to graduate, telling me that their peers finished a degree in 4 years, with a mediocre 3.0 GPA, does not do justice to the idea that finishing a degree sooner, makes someone "smarter". As the rarity of being a junior with a 4.0 well exceeds the rarity of being able to finish a garden variety degree with a 3.0, in the conventional time period. (Not to mention certain majors require learning material that is far more intricately complex (ie STEM majors)). Though an IQ test would suggest a mental peak, for everyone, at around 25 years old, the IQ test ignores certain factors of creativity that emerge with expertise in complex systems – factors which allow one to obtain good grades, brainstorm ideas, invent new models. In the developmental (empiricist) sense, it's clear that some people peak sooner than others.

  2. I find it hard to believe that a few hours will make the difference between getting a job and not getting one. I would see a company that expected a response to an interview or offer within 3 hours as a huge red flag. If they're so demanding of me that a response within 24 hours isn't sufficient, what are they going to be like if I start working from them and want to establish a healthy work-life balance?

  3. TIP:
    For your resume, cover letter, portfolio, designs, ask a graphic design major at your school. You can work with them for a design that you like & it's free or cheaper. I sat down with a graphic design student at my school for maybe 3 hours, brought snacks, & that was it. Boom. Easy.

  4. As a graphic designer, I wouldn’t want a broke job searcher to pay someone like me to do their resume. Canva is a GREAT design template site for those unfamiliar with graphic design to use. Also I went to my career services center all the time to have them look at my resume. Def utilize them!

  5. “Work heels” I’m in a STEM field, that’s not happening
    Non-slip shoes appropriate for a laboratory is what I will be looking for once I find a good career.

  6. $300 for 6 months of "upgraded" data? Jesus. You'll find unlimited data for a year for 200-ish euros here in Europe.

  7. You know, I always felt kinda bad about not starting college until I was 23, but living on my own and working full time jobs for 5 years beforehand has totally prepared me for graduation next year when I turn 26. Already so many steps ahead of all my friends and a lot of classmates. Although I do need to add a few more professional items to my wardrobe. Just gotta tweak my goth style into a sleek all-black professional style.

  8. I'm wondering what my teens should look like when going in for an interview. I have boys. Would you be able to show/model what a 'standard' look would be, in the corporate world? I'm an at-home-mom and fashionably 'out-of-touch'. Thanks for the great videos. You both look well put together, so, I trust your fashion sense. xo

  9. Spent 300 dollars to get my resume professionally done and was hired one month after graduating. I'm now making a GREAT salary. Highly recommend the resume being looked at!

  10. Why is the one on the left giving advice after college! She didn't finish college she has no student loans ! Girl bye with that expensive resume what about career services free at university!!! This what happens with greed just greedy for views and your corporate sponsors!!! Bullshit!!! The one on the left when you graduate Chelsea then you can tell people how to save $2,500 by graduation.

  11. Besides skipping the resume and the expensive data plan when every place in the city has free wifi, you can do a tune up on your pc for free just by going over to PC World and following their basic directions on the subject.

  12. I feel like self-help books should be one of the investment that I should have made in university. I read to less and always had a thing against books.

  13. For people interested in working in the tech industry, you'll not be working with face to face customers. You can get away with a lot more Tshirts and jeans and colored hair.

  14. Good info. If you also learn to invest by chart patterns, you can generate better returns without listening to other opinions. This habit will setup you up to invest when you have money. Join the journey and see my channel

  15. For some reason the "tools" budget got my attention. $20..i cannot even figure out where one would buy basic screw drivers, wrenches and if you are including a pipe wrench for plumbing, hammer, pliers etc…some quality brands (craftsman, snap on) carry lifetime warranties and you can find them used online and pawn shops, craigslist. I understand this is just getting out of school but a loose washer properly tightened could save you at least $100 if you don't call a plumber and fix it yourself. Better yet, ensure your friends have these basic skills/tools and can work in exchange for pizza in emergency.

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