Skip College for Success

Cappy and Seth discuss why college is just an outright scam for most students, and what alternatives there are to college.
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Learn the key factors for college transition, success & career readiness!
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3 thoughts on “Skip College for Success

  1. Some teachers do realize that college is not the only investment for the new generation.

    But well, most of the people in this society still not realize that and this misleads the new generation. However, college is getting clearer on the damage it causes. Or not.

  2. College has been and always will be a finishing school for the rich. If you're not going to at least a top 50, college is probably not a place for you to go to. Especially if you're not in a STEM / Premed major. The people I know who were successful right out of college were connected people and those that went to tier 1 undergrad colleges. The ones who did NOT go to a tier 1 flailed around and were vastly under employed.

    Edit: You can be successful from a state college but if you don't have that "natural network" your chances of having a successful corporate career are much less than if you already come from money/connections.

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