Request-There's No Rush to Graduate from College
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13 thoughts on “Request-There's No Rush to Graduate from College

  1. All my friends who graduated early and got a job now hate their lives because they're been working for so long and we still got much more years to go

  2. I can only talk about my case (Germany) : many students just take too much time to graduate because they are lazy as fuck. They don't even get a good GPA and don't work part-time to support themselves. My roommate never goes to his classes and when the exams come, he skips half of them and fails a lot of those he actually takes. Of course if someone had a part time job and had a comfortable life while studying at the same time, that would be better than rushing. I personally think it's better for me to rush because it means less years of rent I have to pay (Uni is basically free here) and I'm a decent student. Not rushing should only be done by students who are serious about what they are doing and are willing to work part-time, otherwise they are just wasting money.

  3. I did business my first year and will be graduating with my engineering degree after a total of 4 years in college. That's only 3 years in engineering. Stop believing what your counselors tell you (mine gave me bullshit, even telling me to take classes I didn't have the prereqs for), go onto the school's site to see what the major's required courses are as well as what each of their prereqs are, and make your own schedule with as many credit hours as you think you can be successful with. After you have your own plan from now till graduation, you can bring it to your adviser and tell them to make sure it's doable (not doable by what they think is too much since 12 credit hours of actual classes is too much for them, but doable by the actual rules of the school).

    Edit: Also look into whether programming bootcamp would be better for you than a degree in CS.

  4. college is fun. Classes part time, work part time, go on exchange, do a double major. It's going to take me extra time to graduate and I don't regret it.

  5. The students with the most success in STEM are the ones who took there time and took only 3-4 courses at a time (12-15 credits/semester) (without working and going to school). Even though it took them 4.5-5.5 years to finish, because they took so few classes it was much easier to manage and obtain a high GPA. In hindsight, even though I finished in good time, and ended up with a great job, I wish I would have done this. Go to community college first, then xfer to a good university, take your time and finish in 5 years with a good GPA.

  6. Computer science is for pussies. Poly-Sci is the way to go. We need more people who have critical thinking skills, which is what they teach in the humanities.

  7. Wont you be behind if you're 25 and only at entry level grad position in a company? At least in the UK you would be.

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