AskJT #1 (spec ops, my lifestyle, college classes in the navy)

Really excited for 2016 !!!

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18 thoughts on “AskJT #1 (spec ops, my lifestyle, college classes in the navy)

  1. Thank you for these videos, JT. They've really helped me out and answered so many of my questions. It's always great to get honest advice from a pro. I am going to see a Naval recruiter soon, so if you have any tips for the meeting, I'd really appreciate it.

  2. hey brotha i had a naval career once too ..picking lint outa peoples belly buttons lol hope you enjoy that joke

  3. #askjt I'm partially colorblind, but if I joined I'd like to be an air crewman. is it still possible if I can tell the difference between colors like red and green?

  4. I want to join the Seabees, and particularly I want to be a bu and do finished carpentry. Can I select that job or no?

  5. #askJT can you talk about Corpsman on ships please. I am leaving to bootcamp in January, my MOS will be HM so i would like to know how corpsman are on ships during deployment

  6. Can you make a video on Pets after boot camp?? I have a dog and wanted to know when he'd be able to stay with me again

  7. Hey brother love your vids. I got a CTR rate and ship Nov 29th of this year. Any idea if I'd be spending more time at sea, land… or air?

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