How To Get Straight A’s | 5 Practical Tips To Get Good Grades In High School And College

Everyone in school whether it be high school, college or even university is looking to get their grades up. Not only does this set us up to be successful in the future by having a good education but it always makes us happier with ourselves and is a good measure of how we are progressing through school. In this video I discuss how it is that I was once a straight A student for many years and how I achieved these great grades all throughout my academic career.

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How to get straight A’s and good grades in high school and college:

1) Play to your strengths
2) Working as a Spartan army
3) Befriend the teacher
4) Don’t hang around bad people
5) Do the work when it counts



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19 thoughts on “How To Get Straight A’s | 5 Practical Tips To Get Good Grades In High School And College”

  1. Primo Vicente Lalonde

    My school the bad kids generally get 4.0s. They do lots of partying and drinking but they get 4.0โ€™s

  2. This is perhaps the most useful video upon this topic, as the other videos are drama girls trying to be funny…

  3. Only just found your channel man but super glad I did. I have just started youtube myself but I feel like we are going to be covering some similar content, particularly because we are of a similar age. Would love to connect with your sometime!

  4. Mate you live in Adelaide, wow. Really cool to have someone like you to be in my home town.
    1 Question: How did you get into Adelaide High, I applied but the application had been turned in too late. Henceforth, I couldn't do the entrance test. As of right now they said that the school is packed but I know they would probably have some space for one more student. I'm in yr 9 and even though I didn't start of with good grades back in my early years, I now gain straight A's and often gain lots of awards and recognition in my school. I just want to get into Adelaide High now, do you know what I could do to get them to let me in their school, despite them saying they were full.

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