Should I Borrow Student Loans to Help Pay for College?

In this awesome short and animated video, we’ll go over the questions you should ask yourself and the steps you should take before deciding to borrow student loans (federal or private) to help cover your college costs.

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Hey guys!! this is just a typical day in a life vlog of me as a pregnant college student or college mom. This is very new to me as it is my first trimester and i am experiencing all the symptoms while in school. As a matter of fact, i just threw up 5 min ago lol Enjoy the vlog!

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My name is Ariyana but all my friends call me Ari! My username means Love Ari! Amor is latin for love. I am currently in college as a sophomore and i have been vlogging my journey since move in day freshman year! I found out I am pregnant so i decided to vlog my pregnancy!! So in other word I’m sharing my life! I also incorporate all things beauty like fashion, makeup, hair etc! I hope you like my vids and choose to subscribe to be a part of the #AriArmy :)


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13 thoughts on “Should I Borrow Student Loans to Help Pay for College?

  1. I completely understand not wanting to go in public cuz Every time I go out I always have to use the bathroom lmao I swear I gotta do better

  2. Try carrying something salty with you or get those little bottles of lemon juice(the ones shaped like an actual lemon). Also, try carrying mints. Hope the nausea goes away soon. You’ve got this!

  3. You can do this long as you have a good support system I had my daughter my freshman year of college on winter break and went right back my dad was a big help in me finishing school. Congrats you can do this

  4. I bet you're having a girl, when I was pregnant I was so sick my first trimester and I found out I was pregnant with a girl, she'll be 2 come July

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