How to Get Good Grades in College

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been so MIA, I’m still figuring out this whole college things and acutally just went through my first set of midterms! Anyway, I’ve gotten some questions on how to study in college so I thought I’d share with you how I organize my school work as well as study for exams now that I’m in college. I think a lot of these tips can be applied to high school as well, but if you would like videos more tailored to that they are linked below :) Hope you find this helpful!

How I Study for Finals:

What’s in My School Bag / How I Study for Tests (High school edition):

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19 thoughts on “How to Get Good Grades in College

  1. Aww don't worry, just remember everyone else is as nervous as you and they all want to make friends just like you do, so chill out and don't worry and you'll definitely fit in x) good luck

  2. I am obsessed with flash cards. For my spanish class I made a flash card for every single vocab work for each chapter we went through it was crazy but it really worked

  3. Such a great video Anna! I study in basically the same way too! Could you maybe do vlogmas again? I really enjoyed it last time :) thanks xx

  4. I hope your burn gets better soon! One of the things I did when I was in college was write every day's notes in a different color and write the assignments and their due dates right after the notes. I would add the new assignments to my planner soon after.

  5. can you do a video about socially adjusting to college? right now i'm a senior in high school, but i'm nervous to go to college next year and making new friends lol

  6. it's very similar to what I have now – minus the binder. I also have some videos about studying for high school in the downbar, so you can check those out too :)

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