Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed a day in my life as a computer science student/major at Ohio University! This is the first daily vlog out of the seven straight I’ll be doing. I love being able to give back and share my experiences with you as a college student.

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Hello guys! In this video I tell you about the main things I’ve learned during my three years at college, and I also talk about any advice and tips I would give myself if I could turn back in time and correct my mistakes. These tips apply for any college/university experience, although I sometimes focus on law related subjects.

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  1. Don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button to stay connected and feel free to ask me questions about the Computer Science Curriculum!

  2. Hey gyasi, loving your content! I'm a computer information systems student and my major emphasizes in cyber security. I'm in summer break, going into my last 2 semesters to graduate, and during my summer break, I discovered that i love front-end web dev and learning python. My CIS curriculum taught me intermediate java and about cyber forensics, etc. Do you think I can get a software dev job such as yourself with my major? The title is Business Admin/Computer information systems with an emphasis in cyber security. Thank you.

    Also, what programming languages do you know?

  3. I have a question I think you could help me with. What advice would you give computer science students in their freshman year of college to do outside of school? I’m starting next semester and I really want to be the best that I can be. Obviously as years pass by I’ll learn more and more but I’d like to know what I can do my freshman year to try to stay ahead of the curve.

  4. My nigga out here coding with a macbook air gtfo lmao great video tho good to see another brother in computer science

  5. Im thinking ab attending OU next year , what’re some of your favorite things ab the school or words or advice for someone thinking ab going

  6. Subscribed! I’m a grade 10 student in Canada trying to get into computer science as well, do you have any tips for me?

  7. Love your videos Mariana xD you are such an inspiration to all of us, I have been subscribed to your channel long ago, always enjoy your videos, keep going on the awesome work!!! Big hugs from a Peruvian Law School student xD

  8. Right now. I have a strong anxiety my whole highschool. Teachers would copy the exact sentence described in the given text books and you just memorize every single word from that sentence and youll pass. Im pretty sure college is much difficult and am ducking scared right now i might fail on my first semester

  9. Idk but this is more motivational rather than informative. The last parts of the video made me speechless. Who's cutting onions? Thank you for making this video :)

  10. Loved the last tip! It's just so important. All this while I was thinking, I am amongst the very few who have no idea about their future. But then, it's so common and so natural. Thank you, Marianna :)

  11. I was watching your videos and thinking to myself "I'm finally becoming fluent in English! I can listen to her videos and read it all perfectly…" When I realized that the writings were in Portuguese, lol. Perhaps I need to study more. Your videos are amazing and I'd like to thank you for providing such a great material for us. For me, Motivation is the key for learning and you have been able to deliver it. Keep it up! Conheci seu canal ontem, amei e já me inscrevi. Parabéns e muitos beijos do Brasil!

  12. Also I think we use the same planner! <3 love this video and your channel, really helping me calm down before starting uni

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