How to: Graduate with a 4.0 | Getting into Graduate School

How to: Graduate with a 4.0 | Getting into Graduate School

Hey you guys! Long time no see.

Today’s video is all about tips on graduating from college with a 4.0 GPA.
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Hi there!

I was definitely dreading college when I first started so I thought I would film a video on advice and lessons that I have learned. Here are 5 positive and 5 negative things from my years of being a college student.

I would love to know if this is helpful or encouraging to you!


17 thoughts on “How to: Graduate with a 4.0 | Getting into Graduate School

  1. These videos are so helpful! I would definitely be interested in why you chose your degree in clinical psychology, I am wondering about choices right now.

  2. I thought the stripping comment was a little harsh and judgmental. Yes that may result in some people stripping but I don’t see anything glitzy and glamorous about working at Starbucks either.

    Choice of words needs to be tweaked. There are also individuals who willingly go into stripping. I think that was a very bad example to use as an ‘end all’ if not achieving a 4.0 average.

    I know plenty of strippers who have graduated and happily paid off those student loans.

  3. Ok first of all, your videos freakin rock. I'd love to hear how you decided on a Clinical Psych PhD! I feel like there are so so many options, almost too many.

  4. Thank you so much for this video it was very helpful especially with the studying methods . Thank you so much

  5. I'd like to note, it's a rather useless statistic to select the 4-year mark when someone is, arbitrarily, granted a "degree". What's more important is the data on (GPA) performance per year in college, to see if an individual peaks younger. If an individual has maintained a 4.0 at his/her junior year, but takes an additional 5 years to graduate, telling me that their peers finished a degree in 4 years, with a mediocre 3.0 GPA, does not do justice to the idea that finishing a degree sooner, makes someone "smarter". As the rarity of being a junior with a 4.0 well exceeds the rarity of being able to finish a garden variety degree with a 3.0, in the conventional time period. (Not to mention certain majors require learning material that is far more intricately complex (ie STEM majors)). Though an IQ test would suggest a mental peak, for everyone, at around 25 years old, the IQ test ignores certain factors of creativity that emerge with expertise in complex systems – factors which allow one to obtain good grades, brainstorm ideas, invent new models. In the developmental (empiricist) sense, it's clear that some people peak sooner than others.

  6. Hahaha yours was a suggested video, I made a college tips video since I am a graduate too :) So honest, good job! Subscribed 😀

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