Do Genes Determine College Success?

Do Genes Determine College Success?

Are genes behind your success or failure in high school and college? A new study in Developmental Psychology has, for the first time, identified three genes that may influence educational success. But how much of an influence? John Iadarola and Kim Horcher discuss this new research on TYT University.

What do you think about this research? How much of influence do you think these three genes might have on your chance of graduating from high school and college? Are they overhyping the importance of genes? Where do you think this research could go next? Are there potential negative implications? Let us know what you think!

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20 thoughts on “Do Genes Determine College Success?

  1. i do think genes play a role. look at dogs vs wolves for instance. their genetic codes are different, and wolves are much smarter than dogs.

  2. Steve jobs biological parents were Syrian intellectuals, and his adopted parents were blue collar workers who didn't encourage Jobs to have the thoughts he did, so I believe the way we are wired can be genetic.

  3. the link between IQ and genetics is established like 50 or more years ago, what are they talking about. Specific genes are interesting, no doubt.

  4. Well… Both of my parents have a Ph.D in physics. ¬†And yet, even though I may have a good IQ, I'm not the best at college. (3.0 cumulative g.p.a., Junior year)

  5. Genes do matter they just say genes dont matter to give people hope..its all shit cuz the dicks who run this world need money

  6. Most Of This Is Not Ideologically Appealing To Most People Or Politically Correct Or Socially Acceptable Or Sensitive To Most People's Personal Beliefs And Long-Held Convictions.

  7. Besides Race Differences, What Are Some Other Truths That Most Universities Don't Sell? They Don't Sell Students The Truth That Innate Cognitive Differences Between Males And Females Have Evolved Over Millions Of Years And Still Exist Or That Humans Are Born With Mental Traits That They Inherited From Their Parents, Which Influence Their Behavior Or That Genes Play A Role In One's Life That's Equal To Or Greater Than That Of Society And Culture Or That The G Factor Os Credible And Reliable, Etc.

  8. Andrea Tantaros, Counterintuitively And Contrary To Popular Opinion, Home Environment (Particularly Parenting) Has Only A Minimal Effect On One's Life Outcome. Only In Extreme Cases Of Household Poverty, Domestic Abuse (Family Violence), Etc. Will One's Home Environment Exert A Significant Influence On His/Her Life. (Andrea, People Become The Way They Are In Adulthood Because Of Their Genes And The Peer Group They Associate With During Adolescences And Adulthood.)

  9. amnation. com/vfr/archives/011380.html

    View from the Right "The Empty Black Suit"

    More Proof That It Doesn't Take A High IQ To Get Admitted To A 4-Year College And Graduate. And More Proof That Blacks, Like Most Ethnic Groups With Low IQs, Benefit Disproportionately From Affirmative Action And The Double Standard Involving Racism (The Fear Among White Academicians Of Being Labeled A Racist).

  10. "By The Time They're Adults, Adopted Children Resemble Their Adopted Parents In Only Random Ways But They Do Resemble Their Biological Parents With Whom They Share 50 Percent Of Their Genes And This Is True Not Just For IQ And Personality But For Such Things As Musical Ability And The Likelihood Of Becoming A Criminal." – Jared Taylor

  11. Let ME Rephrase That Last Paragraph.

    People That Are Raised By A Family That They Aren't Genetically Related To (A Family Of Doctors, For Instance) Often Times Don't Become Similar To Their Non-Genetically Related Family Members In Adulthood. That Is, The Genes Of The Non-Genetically Related Person Exert A Stronger Influence On His/Her Life Outcome Than The Non-Genetically Related Family Environment In Which He/She Was Raised. (His/Her Genes Have More Of An Impact Than His/Her Household.)

  12. So, To Use Your Example, Non-Genetically Related People Raised By A Family Of Doctors Often Times Doesn't Result In The Non-Genetically Related Person Becoming A Successful Doctor Or Successful In Any Other Way. The Genes Of The Non-Genetically Related Person Exerts A Stronger Influence On His/Her Life Outcome Than The Non-Genetically Related Family Environment In Which He/She Was Raised.

  13. To Disprove Your Argument, There Are Many People That Have Been Raised In Families That They're Not Genetically Related To And Their Life Outcome Has Been Radically Different Than Those Of The Genetically Related Members Of The Family That They Were Raised With.

  14. Either Way, It Doesn't Matter, Watch. If You're Related To The Family Of Doctors Your Success In College And Life In General Will Be More A Reflection Of The Genes You Inherited From Your Parents More Than Your Family Environment. Likewise, If Your Related To The Family Of Gang Members Your Criminal Lifestyle Will Be Indicative Of The Genes That Your Parents Passed On To You As Opposed To The Household You Were Raised In.

  15. OooooooK, Black Engineer. Keep Living In Denial And Get That Masters Degree While You're There So That You Can Prove To Future Employers And Potential Mates That You Have An IQ Of 110-115 And Thus Represent The Tiny Percentage Of Blacks Whose IQ Falls Within That Range. If You Get That Masters, Q, You'll Prove That You're A Rarity (A Black With An IQ Of 115. Wow).

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