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Learn the basics of Algebra while preparing for future courses in Calculus through this credit-eligible college level math course. ↓ More info below. ↓

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In this college level Algebra course, you will learn to apply algebraic reasoning to solve problems effectively. You’ll develop skills in linear and quadratic functions, general polynomial functions, rational functions, and exponential and logarithmic functions. You will also study systems of linear equations. This course will emphasize problem-solving techniques, specifically by means of discussing concepts in each of these topics.

Content in this course will be adaptive, allowing you to achieve mastery in a certain concept before moving on to the next.

This 3 credit hour course satisfies the Mathematical Studies (MA) general studies requirement at Arizona State University. This course may satisfy a general education requirement at other institutions; however, it is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring the credit.

– How to apply algebraic reasoning to solve a range of problems.
– How to identify functions, domains, ranges, intercepts and other critical algebraic concepts
– Skills required for success in future studies in calculus.

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