How to Graduate from College/University(Norfolk State University) ? Flashback Friday Week 1 Part 1

How to Graduate College/University?
1. Write down all your Classes for each semester
2. Summer School
More advice and tips in the future.

I share my experience of graduating with my BA degree in 3 years at Norfolk State University 2007-2010.

The Penn Foster team was proud to join Blue Cliff College in celebrating graduates of the Penn Foster High School Completion program at the Houma, LA campus. The program offers students a second chance to earn their high school diploma and take the next step towards their career field of choice. Watch above to learn more about the Penn Foster High School Completion experience and the journey of our students from enrollment to graduation and beyond!

Learn More about the Penn Foster High School Completion Program
Call: 1-888-427-5400
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17 thoughts on “How to Graduate from College/University(Norfolk State University) ? Flashback Friday Week 1 Part 1

  1. Would any college credit go towards this Diploma? I have 63 credits and a ability to benefit paper. I am enrolled in the NEDP, but due to my condition I have issues getting to meet the adviser. Thank you.

  2. Im from jordan in middle east can i apply for peen foster high school and how much credit i need
    And how much it will cost me

  3. I am a current Penn Foster Student, I was trying for my GED but I soon realized I wasn't getting anywhere with it, nor was I getting the help I needed. With Penn Foster, I'm getting the help I need to succeed! Being a visual/auditory learner, I especially love how the topics are explained in depth with videos. I'm so happy to have found Penn Foster!

  4. I have been a Penn Foster High School student for almost a year now and I am really enjoying the experience. I would recommend this high school program to anyone because anyone can do it. I had a hard time in school particularly with math and Penn Foster makes it so simple and easy to understand everything. If you are thinking about becoming a Penn Foster student, just go for it. I really like the YouTube videos for Penn Foster and I am glad they are available. I am looking forward to graduating from Penn Foster High School in 2018.

  5. Is it hard for a person with reading disables my daughter has dyslexic in money witch is numbers and in reading could she get her high school diploma?

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