How To Solve Any Projectile Motion Problem (The Toolbox Method)

Introducing the “Toolbox” method of solving projectile motion problems! Here we use kinematic equations and modify with initial conditions to generate a “toolbox” of equations with which to solve a classic three-part projectile motion problem.

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19 thoughts on “How To Solve Any Projectile Motion Problem (The Toolbox Method)

  1. This is a great video Jesse! I'm taking my first physics class ever at a community college and your toolbox method really solidified what I've been learning in school. Thanks!

  2. I was trying to use my calculator for the QUAD formula on the time variable and I'm not getting even close to the same answer you did… not sure what I could be doing incorrect, I've retyped it 1000 times. :(

  3. Can you please clarify on the quadratic equation part?
    I solved it myself and got results:
    X sub 1= 3.344
    X sub 2= -5.4359

    I think i got something wrong? Haha i use a fx-991ES calculator

    The equation is:

    [[-(1/2)(9.81)]√[(30)(sin20)]² – 4[(1/2)(9.81)](100)]/2(1/2)(9.81)

    am i wrong?

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