Do Good Grades Matter?

Are you stressed about grades? Should you be?

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20 thoughts on “Do Good Grades Matter?

  1. Me with my grades:

    A-you did average.
    B-you idiot, why didn’t you get an a?
    C-Never got one
    D-Never got one
    F-Never got one

  2. I didn't watch the video yet: Grades are important, if one utilises the educational system they can gain many advantages that many do not have this includes better college and trade schools, not need to get a GED (in the consideration of doing bad in school because of lack of trying not for legitimate hardships or other legit factors, GEDs are good but if you can just finish high school school why not?), they can provide scholorships, they can help us measure our comprehension of materials (and can even inspire us to apply ourselves to anything else in life, they are like mini trophies which mean a lot to a person). I'm not blind to the reality that grades do not dictate over all life outcome, nor do I think that college or trade schools guarantee a better life as many times people end up wasting money not knowing what direction to go, get large debt they cant effectively pay off, or end up unemployed because their field of interest us so vetranized, over populated, or of the fritz. I did average if maybe ok I was a high 3 GPA id have to check to make sure, i didnt take many "quality classes" but did a lot of standards (which i regret now because really being into your education is always a plus, education doesnt just mean school or college, it means actively learning, studying, using and adapting knowledge gained from various resources and mediums including life and those around us), education keeps people out of the lowest poverty (though not always) being able to read at least at a highschool level gives you a great advantage, being okay at math helps a ton, sciences and other "special" academics allow us to further find our role and purpose. Im a nurse now, I can't say im tge most skilled nor most educated but Im greatful for it. I dont want to pretend like being a nurse is a big deal but because i took my education serious enough i didnt have to pay for school up to this point but even now furthering my education to an associates and later on higher will be far easier for me (assuming all is well), than many people my age or who may be pursuing a similiar career path.

  3. I don't live in america, but the only thing I've ever used my grades for is to get into college. Very few workplaces care what grades you have as long as you passed. They care more about your work ethic, personality and stuff like that. Of all the jobs I ever applied for only 1 asked for a copy of my grades.

  4. Good grades in middle school can help you highschool. Elementary school students dont matter. High school maters DO MATTER

  5. grades in my school
    A=Im smart!
    B=eh…at least I didnt fail
    C=what am I doing ??
    D=How am I in SCHOOL???
    F= Dies

  6. My school had an assembly where people were talking about stress being very dangerous for your health. They said it in a way that made it sound like school is rigged so you die from stress, you are going to die soon. This was also 2 minutes before an test worth about 80% of your grade.

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