The Secret to Straight A’s

The best advice I have for getting straight A’s. WARNING: In this video I cut right through the jokes to get to the meat of the real talk.

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p.s. Some people have been commenting that “Straight A’s” should really be written “Straight As”. However, it should be known that in cases of ambiguity, “A’s” can be used in place of “As”. This grammar rule is backed up by Chicago and AP style guides. Here’s a link to learn more:

p.p.s. A few people have also been commenting that the correct phrase is “magic mirror” and not “mirror mirror”. In fact, “magic mirror” comes from the Disney version whereas “mirror mirror” comes from the original Brother’s Grimm story. So, they’re both correct. Here’s a link to learn more:

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19 thoughts on “The Secret to Straight A’s

  1. I really want and need to become a straight A student because I want to get into a good college, and I want to fit in more with my friends because they all have really good grades

  2. Or you could just hack lol which I don't recall doing because you could get in trouble. It's your choice I have never done it but if you do it let me know within a month notice so I know your not in jail. :)

  3. I believe I can be the best because I am the best, I want to make it some where in life and be good and smart in what I do in all areas of my life. For me choosing and believing is becoming a little bit easier but I still have some trouble doing so.

  4. When you said the halo effect and the show up and shut one yea it’s not gonna gonna happen… I’m a b average student with a couple of As

  5. why, because i want to make my parents proud.i wit to make my-self proud and prove to my-self that i'm smart and talented(and to show it of).

  6. I want to get straight A’s (or 6’s we have where I live) because I want to get into Durham university as an international student. However, I have a goal that I won’t have to wait years to achieve; I wish the smartest kid kid in class to be afraid of me stealing their position.

  7. I’d like to get all A’s to prove to myself that i can actually do almost anything i set my mind to. I also want A’s so i can easily get admitted to UTSA’s school of business for the marketing field and so i can have multiple options when it comes to grad schools.

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