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Alleyoop Advice: Enjoy the College Experience

Rodney, a senior English major at Morehouse College, encourages incoming college freshman to enjoy the full college experience. Focus on your academics, enjoy the social setting, get to know your peers and get to know different professors and staff members.

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LockerGnome community, asked: “Did you enjoy college more than high school?’

High School is a fundamental part of growing into adulthood. You may have gone to a public high school, a private institution, or received your education at home school. In any case, the information you learn in high school carries on throughout your life.

Deciding whether or not you should go to college should come down to more than an enjoyment factor. Ultimately, college can be a much more fun experience as you escape the strict restrictions associated with high school and have more direct control over what you learn and how you learn it. Degrees are a great way to get a leg up on the competition in terms of finding a good job. The decision of whether or not you should go to college should be weighed very carefully.

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20 thoughts on “Enjoy the College Experience

  1. @CAPUSA You can't really pursue your real interests if your time is spent doing homework, studying, and attending extra-curricular events. I love being in band, sure, but that's not what my main interest is and is definitely not what I want to spend my time on.

  2. @SunnySinghTV or if you care about sports, music, theater, etc. anything that you can't do for the rest of your life (assuming you want a job). In high school, you can spend all your time pursuing your real interests. In college you are forced to learn vocational things. Unless you are a useless humanities major, college is not fun.

  3. I'm in my sophomore year in high school, sure, I get my straight A's and I have my friends. BUT I am not one of the popular ones. doesn't mean I don't like high school though! just you are viewed so differently than the ones that go out all the time to parties and things. I'm fine with going home, talking to my friend over Skype, and playing some video games.

  4. school is ggayy, you don't learn anything that you will need. who gives a fuck about algebra history geography and the list goes on. you won't use 98% of the things you learn in school in life.

  5. I'm a HS junior but I go to college instead of HS. I really hated HS because of the social structure. I had friends but everything was centered around being a jock, smoking, and getting drunk, which are three things I don't give two shits and a fuck about. I'm loving college right now and am so grateful for the opportunity to go to college instead of HS. I'm real smart so the difficulty has never been at a level that I could not raise myself to.

  6. Unless you went to boarding school in high school, college is better (aside from the fact it's a ponzi scheme) because you finally are free from your parents and have more autonomy.

  7. Realy you actualy asked people if they enjoyed Highschool. Even I had a very unusual High School experience which is practicaly opposite of stereotypical American High School. It was a posh almost elitist selective entry school. In terms of education it was a load of bullshit i would of learnt more from a "normal" High School. But facilities and people i had access to was amazing. Mostly the social structure of that school was fucked up.

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