Join the Army Reserves to Help Pay for College!!

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19 thoughts on “Join the Army Reserves to Help Pay for College!!

  1. I have a 2year contract with 2 years in reserves after. Do you think it's necessary to reenlist for another 2 years to receive full post 911 benefits or could I just get enough from fasfa etc..?

  2. Dude you make no sense. First I was in both the Guard and Reserve. The Guard has the most benefits for college tuition. The Guard you get can 100 percent tuition depending on state (waived fee), 4,500 Federal TA, 372 GI Bill Stipend, and 350 kicker.

    The Reserves you only get up to 4,500 per year towards your college, 372 GI Bill, and 350 Kicker. Note in the Reserves you can't collect both the Federal TA and stipends. Its one or the other, please explain that?

    With the Reserves as well if you fail a class you have to pay back your money for college. The Guard does not always to 3 or 4 day weekends, if they did, they are flexible enough to let you split to make up a drill date so you don't miss class.

    Overall, you need to do more research when making your claims. Statistically, your are more than likely to come out with student loans vs the Guard. Also, with the Reserve you have no say in your stationed unit. So if I wanted to be near my school of choice I would have a better opportunity with the Guard because they are larger and have more units per state. The Guard also has combat arms which the Reserves do not.

  3. The military brass quietly imposed a regulation denying increased educational benefits, under the post 9-11 GI Bill in 2012., for Guard and Reserve members called up. Before then, anyone deployed as short as 3 months (other than Initial Active Duty for Training) qualified for some Post 9-11 benefits. For example 3 months was 40% of tuition, and housing allowance. Not any more, unless legislation now pending in congress corrects this. Anyone considering joining the Reserves or Guard needs to seriously reconsider. See link to article.

  4. so going into the reserves, does my school and work legally have to excuse me from school/work when i have to complete drills? or is it just a 50/50 depending on the employer and professor?

  5. from NYC, graduating from a private university in early may with massive loans to pay back. thinking about nypd or army/guard resreves. how generous will the army be?

  6. I'm having a hard time understanding why the army/reserves has specific MOS's that qualify for SLRP when they give everyone the GI Bill regardless of which MOS you choose.

  7. U would think because we are putting our lives on the line for our country they would 100% pay for our college debt regardless of how much it cost unless your failing classes

  8. What if your flunking in college and decide to join the army to help change your life around when you get out of basics will you still be eligible for the education benefits or are you screwed from you educational past

  9. Look I'm in a weird position. I'm not sure if I want to go school, but I do want to learn electrician work and I can in the army. Would the reserves suit me so after AIT I can look for a job that the army trained me for?

  10. I'm in the National Guard. I ship out January 23rd (2017) can i get tuition assistance? I heard you speak of the reserves but got confused on the Guard part.

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