College Dropout vs. College Graduate

A college dropout and a college graduate have one thin in common, they are both out of college. So I wanted to sit down and discuss what life is like outside of college. What does the future look like, and where do you see yourself?

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18 thoughts on “College Dropout vs. College Graduate

  1. I have just left college. Took me time to finally pick up the courage to leave and pursue my dream of film making and travelling. I feel so much better now that I have!!
    I have just uploaded my first video since leaving and it would be great if you guys could jump over and check it out – NEW VIDEOS WEEKLY

  2. I really want to drop out but I am so scared that I will have no where to go. I don't have an alternate plan. All my life I thought this is what I would be doing and now I am here and sadly feel like its the biggest waste of my time. I just don't know where to go from here. So I am staying. Kinda sucks a lot.

  3. I'm currently in college and I hate it. I've been depressed, and it's just changed me a lot. It's my third semester and I really want to drop out and but I know my dad will be really disapointed in me and I'll feel like a failure with no future.

  4. I'm going to Universal Technical Institute right now, and it's fat ass pile of fuckin camel shit. The only reason I haven't dropped out yet is because it's run my dirt fuck ass broke and I can't afford to leave. If anybody thinking about going to UTI sees this, I strongly recommend you turn the other cheek. I'm fucked, don't want to see anybody else get fucked.

  5. I think whether the experience is worth it depends on how much debt you went into, is your degree marketable, and are you miserable in the field you chose. If you went $60k in debt to get a job making $30k, it probably wouldn't seem worth it to you unless you LOVE your job. If you can't get a job using your degree and end up in the same position you would have been in had you not went to college, it probably wouldn't seem worth it to you. If you were miserable throughout school and miserable at your job it probably wouldn't seem worth it. I personally think college is too expensive to go just to have a good time or for "the college experience" but that is just me. A cheaper way to get the college experience is to get an apartment by a college campus.

  6. I'm in first year of uni, I hate it ,I hate it and I hate it. My depression went from bad to worse and I've been getting heart palpitations…don't know how long I can take this.

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