College is NOT the Only Path to Success – Casey Neistat & Gary Vaynerchuk

There is NO defined path to success. College can help you find that path, but it is certainly NOT the only path to success. Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat describe how business and entrepreneurship can not be taught in school.

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20 thoughts on “College is NOT the Only Path to Success – Casey Neistat & Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. This video makes me hate the school more. It's the end of our semester and I have a strong feeling that I failed a subject, so that just concluded the end of my college life. I will try to redirect my life and find that something I deserve to have. It's sad but I'll just die laughing at my college friends who are still on the run and still dealing with a bunch of stressful things. Haha

  2. I went to college for 1 year. I said fuck it. I own my own auto shop and make more then most college educated people. I internally laugh when I get my Starbucks and have to hear about the barista going to college with a degree that will not land them a good job. I get into my BMW and drive away.

  3. It's actually business graduations who's sucks in general. Better to get a degree in engineering, it will not pretend to teach you "how to be and think like a entrepeunership" or teach bullshit like "work psichology". It will rather focus on physics, math, some account skills, things that will be usefull and help a lot more for your future career.

  4. I love your videos. These are one of the best on youtube. They are so interesting and they question you on some very important topics we need to be more analytical and thinking.

  5. Sorry but dislike for complete lack of statistical evidence. I like when you push points with statistics, not opinions.

  6. Wanna hear a magic trick: free college education. Every normal country has it. Except for US offcourse, lol

  7. Why not to study in a country in which college is not such a financial border like the UK, Germany, Mexico or the rest of the world in general?

  8. Tell that to a Doctor (of medicine not degree) in some cases you need college, not for the grade, for the books that you will not study or buy if something dont make you do it

  9. Dont worry, school loans are causing the next big bubble in our world economy. Everyone who has made fun of someone not pursuing college will just be in more debt when the bubble bursts. That mixed with auto loans nowadays. Get ready… :)

  10. I just want to learn the basics of business, so I'm going for an associate's degree with my own money, and my parents will use their prepared college money to get me a franchise. I think my plan is pretty sound, honestly.

  11. In science and engineering these days, college is mandatory, period.
    Vid title should be "business degree does not teach entrepreneurship".

  12. I might have liked the video, but the profanity is ridiculous. They talk like pre-pubescents playing Call of Duty online for the first time, and this greatly detracts from what could be an important message. Please remove obscenities from content like this (or offer a version with obscenities removed). It's not cool to cuss every other sentence. It just makes you sound like you have the maturity of a spoiled 9-year-old.

  13. Debt mostly only apply in USA. And, education is important to improve human lives. But if you narrow the aim of success only by getting rich. You might find some truth in it.

  14. here are the only courses that translate into the real world across all professions-

    monetary management

    most of all of the courses are profession specific courses that dont translate outside of that specific profession

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