The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS

The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS. Definitely a must watch! Keep in mind, college is a viable option for many. The people you meet and networking opportunities are worth more than the degree itself.

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20 thoughts on “The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS

  1. PLEASE READ –> Hi everyone, this is a completely different video than normal. Videos will resume back to normal on Monday with an EPIC video by Simon Sinek. I want to explain that College is a perfect solution to many, however to others it may not be a good fit. For myself, it was perfect, for one of my good friends, it wasn't a good fit. If you are currently in college, do not rely on that the piece of paper that you receive at the end to get you far, it is your own commitment and perseverance that will get you far. College is one of the best places on earth to develop networking connections with fellow students and professors, as well as create experiences that are extremely valuable. I want to emphasise that you don't need to go to the best and most expensive school to get the best education or be successful. My advice is to BECOME INVOLVED, make friends with as many people as possible, help others, and be true to yourself. I REPEAT, this is not a video saying that College is useless, but rather we put too much emphasis on a piece of paper, thinking that a degree is going to catapult us to great success. Make the most out of your time, go out there and make connections with other people, and take risks!

  2. Private company emphasize working experience than your education certificate. Employees attitude determines the company future. In Malaysia, most of employer require candidates have at least 1 year of working experience for same position.

  3. Colleges and Universities have it's purpose. And it is an excellent purpose. That was the reason why everyone wanted an education. A good one at that. 1st people need to understand, there are 2 ways to learn. 1st is to learn from your own mistakes, 2nd is to learn from other people's mistakes. The 2nd is what a college offers.

    My next point is, colleges are not for everyone and every job. College will prepare you and offer a standard of learning. Some jobs in the world require a standard of learning. Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers. They all need a college degree to succeed. Or else, how would you know if he or she is good or not? Would you see a doctor who doesn't have a degree or has a degree from a college or university that has sub par standards? Of course not. Now, most of these people above talked about businesses. While it is important to gain experience true real life work, and education can give you a strong head start. Like i said, there are 2 ways of learning. An education teaches you the mistakes of others … generations of mistakes … to give you the knowledge you need. Now … is it enough that you have an college education? Definitely not. You need experience as well as everything in the world is dynamic and you need to have the experience to know which of the things you have learned should be used and which will hinder you. That part … no one will tell you. Will people without a college education fail? No necessarily. But That doesn't make it USELESS. It also as i have said heavily depend of what job you plan to have.

    And on to the last point … Now a days there are many colleges and universities that are set up purely for financial gains. They do not provide you the proper education you need. On top of that, even good colleges are financially motivated and many people are pushed into topics that are irrelevant to them. Imagine if you could finish your education in 2 years. But they would not profit as much if you do in 4 years. So … a lot of "extras" are added. Now that is among the pit falls of the college education system. Also it is standardized … while this is good for some jobs, not so for others. And you also have to take into account the students as well, who take these college days as a joke, a time to party etc which was pointed in the above video. But that still doesn't make it useless. Some changes has to be made, by all parties, the schools, the students and the employers. Many jobs depend more on skill then knowledge and that is part of the weakness of colleges, which again, sometimes is motivated by financial gains.

    SO while i disagree that it is useless, i do agree that a lot of changes need to be made to the education in colleges and universities.

  4. It depends to the professions especially when the professions are regulated or partly regulated. In most countries in the world, professions like legal (lawyers), medical (doctors, dentists, paramedic, nurses), engineering (chartered engineer, certified technicians, boilermen, etc.), lecturing (professors), airline (pilots, stewards), account/finance (chartered accountants, financial planner, etc.), etc. must have some sort of certificates before being allowed for practice. One most likely could not become a medical doctor is he/she does not go to college. For partly regulated fields, for job applications, having relevant certificates will have the much extra advantages. An an easy example, to become machinery technician, one have better advantage if he got the certificate. For those without college degree, their options are slightly less i.e. they can enter only non or less regulated fields such as computer, technology (not all areas), business, politics, stock market, etc. Although experience is important, college degree may also assist in thinking. As an easy example, if you want to travel 100 km, those with experience is driving starts at the 10th kilometers (started in front due to their experience) at 50 km/hr speed while those with degree will start at 0 kilometer with 100 km/hr (or more) speed. Who will rich the destination first? If Steve Jobs, Mark Zuekerbeg has a college degree, possibly their fortunes will be double. So the conclusion 1) having degree/certificates are compulsory in some professions, that is why Mark Zukerberg enter field that is non-regulated 2) having degree/certificates will greatly assist in their professions in long term.

  5. People go to College because they're mostly sheep and that's what they're told to do. Free thought and Common Sense doesn't come from formal education either you have it or you don't. We need to get over this idea that everybody's created equally and just realize that some people are stupid.

  6. TBH students dropping out and graduating SHOULD be given money to live on. All they get now is what there parents give them. And if their parents are broke or they aren't financially higher classed then they are FORCED yes FORCED to work in places like McDonalds, just so they can get basic human needs. This fucked up system is why we will ALWAYS go to war, have starvation, crime and much more. Our world is fucked.

  7. You fool, a college degree is worthless for smart people, (they'll survive anywhere, anyhow) but its worthy as hell for mediocre and average folks, wchick is like 70 percent of the world, they need that degree my nigga

  8. I hate when people use Steve Jobs as an example he did in fact go to College but he was not the brains behind Apple. Steve wosniak did go to College and work for HP and was the brains behind it all. In fact, Steve Jobs almost ruined the business several times.

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