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1:21 my story
3:12 How to balance everything?
5:09 How to get A’s
8:11 How to stay motivated
9:16 How to stay encouraged
9:58 What if I get a bad grade?
10:55 More how to get A’s
11:55 How i’m studying for the MCAT
12:40 More tips on grades
15:17 Advice for High School Students
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How to Study Effectively: 8 Advanced Tips - College Info Geek

These study strategies go beyond the basics – memorization techniques, methods of fighting procrastination by hacking akrasia, a way to win the respect of your professors, and more.

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  1. What's your opinion on websites like ratemyprofessor and other similar websites? Is it worth switching teachers over someone else's opinion or should you just stick it out with what you get?

  2. I hated how the "smart kids" in school made it seem like they just "get it" (get good grades with their eyes closed) but in reality the "smart kids" put work, passion and effort into their grades. I was friends with an asian girl and her parents made sure all she did was eat, sleep and study.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm seriously going to utilize this for the next decade of my college journey! I seriously appreciate you sharing what helps YOU. I wish you luck on your journey as well :)

  4. This video literally gave me life! I can relate so much with you because I also did not pay much attention my freshman year! However, I used that to pick myself back up for my second semester and it felt great seeing a change!

  5. I used to study my butt off to get B's in college, I mean I had no life, I put in all the work I could. One thing I think people need to talk about is genetics and DNA. Do NBA players become players because they're the most hard working, yes, but genetics are important as well. If a guy is not above 6 foot 5, it's probably not likely he would make the NBA. I feel that genetics and DNA play a part in education and how far you can go. It's not always about putting in work, genetics are very important as well. I dislike how people never admit the importance of genetics and just say that its all about hard work, which is totally false.

  6. It sounds like your extremely smart just genetically. I know most people don't like to admit this, but a lot of education is based on genetics and from what you are saying , you sound just genetically really smart. I'm sure you study a lot, but honestly, to be 19 and be in your 3rd year of college with a plan on going to med school, it's not just about studying, it's about genetics and DNA as well. I remember when I was in college, I studied my butt off just to get B's and I literally had no life, all I did was work and study and still just got B's and I went to an average university not one of the best.

  7. can i ask though, not what school you went to but what type of high school did you go to(private, public, magnet, etc.)?

  8. tip 8 was super helpful, I always worked with a friend in physics and together did well but when we both sat the mock exam separately we struggled as she was better at half of the questions and I was better at the other half we definitely relied on each other too much and so didn't work as hard at the topics we weren't as good at. luckily we realised this before the exam. Work with others only when you need the help or inspiration, otherwise try to figure it out on your own

  9. right now my first semester is starting at college and i'm trying to not scrape by like i did in high school. during every finals i would find myself here on these kinds of videos because i was desperate for help and i needed to cram. but i'm going to try my best this term and make sure to have my best attendance possible and dedicate my time wisely… i'm looking forward to not stressing this finals..

    seriously those nights i spent up all night, sleepy but cramming stuff i should have learned months ago… not this time… i'm sure everyone can relate.

    i can't tell you from experience, i'm not a grade a nerd but i know for sure that it's really simple to do well at school and college.

    don't miss classes. you miss one class, the next one is confusing as hell. you miss multiple classes on that same day, even worse. the syllabus is designed for you to be a full time student. i worked during the vacation and i can tell you that as soon as i finished work i was very tired. i went home and i slept and by the time i woke up, it was work again. when i was at school however, i came home full of energy to watch tv, play videogames and just everything but study. i became grateful to be able to go to school honestly. when you go to school, that's your life. not to say you can't have hobbies or go out, but do everything with moderation. some people even go to class, but their mind is elsewhere or they're on their phone. you have to be in class and pay attention. it sounds simple but many people don't do that, they think studying a week before finals will get them good grades. doing that will only help you scrape a pass and the process is very stressful.

    so yeah, just go to every class, pay attention, do the homework, study. every single day. make it a routine, you can take 1 or 2 days off too but make it a routine. it's about creating that habit and sticking with it and habits aren't made in a week or two. it doesn't mean you have no life, you still have time for yourself.

  10. What is the study hack for detailed yet "big picture" subjects like physiology? I've been told "just memorize everything on the slides." But there are hundreds of slides that are very detailed.

  11. #Thomas Can you recommend any good app which can block few selected apps (say YouTube, Facebook etc) but let me use the browser or WhatsApp, for 2-3 months (not on a daily basis)?

  12. YES, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've now watched 4 videos before this of study tips in college and they ALL listed generic, common-sense crap. I needed this SO desperately! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

  13. The explanation of diffused versus focused thinking made me realize why I juggle my legs so often in class. I'm trying to diffuse my thinking in a setting where I can't get up.

  14. That graph for normal study isn't accurate at all. There should only be 2 dots. One at the start and one at the end.

    1st for the 1st time you're introduced to it by the professor and…
    2nd for the day before the exam 😀

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