How to Graduate With Honors and Make The Dean’s List | My College Transcripts

Hi Everyone!

I’m finally going over what I did in order to graduate with Honors!!! So many of you have requested this video and I do hope this video helps to inspire you to go out and work hard so that you too can graduate with honors. Thank you so much for watching!




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As an young entrepreneur, Liz has learned a lot about maintaining a passion, building meaningful connections and growing a business – all in a relatively short time. She feels her pivotal point of growth was during her four years at college – in her passionate talk, she highlights seven things she believes each student should do before they graduate and how these actions will affect who they grow up to be.

As a student at UPenn, Liz had observed peers who struggled to find relevant work during the school year. Later, as a Google employee, she saw that even the largest, most well-known companies struggle to find key hires. Liz wanted to fix this problem through tech. With smarter filtering and a focus on quality over quantity, the two sides of the marketplace would finally match up. So, 18 months ago, Liz quit her job at Google to start WayUp, recently named by CNN as one of the 30 most innovative companies changing the world in 2015, with her co-founder, JJ Fliegelman. Today, they’ve got 35+ employees and the site is currently getting 1 out of 3 users hired. Liz hopes that one day WayUp will land every student their first job.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

31 thoughts on “How to Graduate With Honors and Make The Dean’s List | My College Transcripts

  1. can u still get an honor even im an irregular student i failed some of my subjects due to financial problems some of my prof u.d. me some failed me and now im back can i still be a cum laude if i work so hard to raise my gpa from 2.0 to 1..0 1 is the highest here in our country

  2. I'm on track to graduate high school this year, and I'm not even in the top 5%. Since my high school is around 200-ish students. I worked so hard to graduate in the top 5%, and be valedictorian, but it didn't happen. Currently I have a 3.93 GPA. I guess college will be the time to redeem myself.

  3. Hi gabby, if you don't mind me asking, what was the required workload for each semester you had to take for the honours? It looks like you had been taking either 3 or 4 classes a semester which is a great work load to do well in, in my opinion, but sadly not all universities will accept that including mine. For my program, I'm required to take 5 each semester.
    Also, during your time in college, were you living the dorm life or had experience living on your own at all?
    Anyways, congrats on your achievements :)

  4. How many credits did you take each semester? I'm currently taking 16-18 but I feel like that's above average when I compare to my friends who are taking 12-14

  5. hi gabby. I enjoy your videos so much. I'm also a biology major. I love biology but Im struggling with what type of career I can have with a bio career. it would be so helpful if you have any suggestions or advice

  6. Within the first 5 minutes, the speaker says that in her Senior Year in College she has a job offer as a Product Marketing Manager at Google. Excuse me, but this whole presentation talk sounds like total Bull Shit !! I've never worked at Google, but I've worked at Microsoft for 10 years just 4 blocks away from Google in Mountain View, Ca. For 10 years , I heard all the stories about people interviewing at Google and how they pulled away talent from companies from the Valley. I've had many friends and acquaintances who actually work there and told me of their experiences, good and bad. I think I know what it takes to become successful at Google, and what type of people they want. They would "NOT" hire Liz, as a Product Marketing Manager .. period. I think I've one time heard a person ask a question at a large meeting at Microsoft, and like Liz, this person could not resist to tell us about all her incredible accomplishments. The way she just totally "relished" telling us all her incredible accomplishments gives me the "Red" light … sounds like total BS. If she interviewed similar as she spoke in her video, I would not hire this person for any job.

  7. There's nothing to figure out. You are good at what you invest time and effort into. Any person can learn anything if they don't waste their time making up excuses.
    Instead of asking what you're good at, spend your time figuring out what you like.

    Everybody is born completely incapable of doing anything, people who become "something" have made something out of themselves instead of waiting for miracles or pitying themselves.

    Plain and simple.

  8. here's a tip from a chick who graduated 20+ yrs ago….learn to stop saying 'like' all the time and 'cool' – EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY and drop the Kardashian talk…

  9. Liz seems to be a very courageous and passionate person. I graduated 4 years ago and doing job since then, got a view about what i should've done 4 years ago and this makes me kinda frustrated!

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