Spring Fashion Casual Clothing

1, a strong color with:

That match the color of the two far apart, such as: yellow and purple, red and green, this color strong.

Daily life, we often see is black, white, gray and other colors of the match. Black, white, gray is no color, so no matter what colors they have no major problems. In general, if the same color and white with, it will appear bright; and black becomes dark with time. Therefore, before making clothing color should weigh with you in order to highlight Gucci outlet online which part of the clothing. Do not calm colors, such as: dark brown, with dark purple and black, and black that would show “grab color” of the consequences, so there is no key set of clothing, but also the overall performance of clothing appeared to be very heavy, dark and colorless.

Black and yellow are the most dazzling mix

Red and black, very grand, but without losing the charm of the oh

2, the complementary color with:

Refers to the color contrast with the two, such as: red and green, Asics Shoes blue and orange, black and white and other, complementary color contrast matching can sometimes receive better results. Black and white is always classical.

Coordination of color with which they can be divided into:

1, the same principle refers to the color with depth, two different kinds of light and dark colors to match the same class, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with cream, dark red with light red, etc., with similar colors seem soft and elegant clothing.

Pink color of the mix, so that the whole lot of people look soft ~

2, the approximate color match:

Refers to the color of two closer match, such as: red and orange or purple to match the yellow and Gucci outlet grass green or orange to match other

Not everyone can wear a green dress nice, green and yellow of the match, giving the feeling of a very spring, the overall feeling is very simple and elegant, still ~ lady inadvertently revealed to taste

Professional Women of color matching. Women dressed in professional activities of professional women in the office place, low-saturation can concentrate on the work of one of the people, calmly deal with various issues, and create a calm atmosphere. Professional women dressed more in the indoor environment, limited space, people always want more personal space, wearing a low purity of color will increase the distance between people and reduce crowding.

Easier for low-purity color coordinate with other colors, which makes the kind of harmony between people a sense of increased, helping to form a pattern of collaboration. In addition, you can easily use the low purity of color with the characteristics of the limited clothing with a rich combination. Meanwhile, the low purity gives humility, tolerance, maturity, borrowing the language of color; working women are more vulnerable to other people’s attention and trust.

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