Business Casual Wear For Women What To Avoid

Dressing in women’s casual clothing is an altogether different ball game in comparison to dressing in business casual clothing or women’s apparel. However, this dress code still leaves far more clothing options for women rather than men. The reason being simple, men cannot wear nicely tailored skirts or dresses to work.

The key to getting just the right business casual women’s clothing is striving for a balance between comfort and professional appearance. Dressing in business casual wear can be a lot of fun once you get the basics right. Simply let go of your pant suits and reach out for a fitted knee length skirt and pair it with a sober yet stylish top.

In fact, even if your office has informal Fridays or Saturdays, you cannot afford to go totally casual in your work space. In this regard, it will prove helpful if you go through your company’s employee manual so that you get a crystal clear idea of various policies that govern business casual dressing.

Opting for women’s dresses or some women’s apparel that is too revealing is a strict no-no. An important point that one needs to keep in mind while clothing women in business casual wear is that the outfit should look appropriate and put-together. This way, you can look both fashionable and professional at the same time.

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Some important tips that one needs to follow while clothing women in business casual wear are avoiding wearing anything that is not washed or unclean. In addition to that, it is imperative that you avoid wearing wrinkled clothes that have not been ironed. In some offices, it is also required that women do not wear sandals but closed toe shoes.
One should also avoid wearing form fitting blouses or tops and extremely high heels that click every time you walk across the work floor. The dressing policies in most business houses also discourage women employees from wearing short skirts that have high hem lines or splits. In case there is a similar policy in place in your office as well, avoid wearing such skirts that attract undue attention. You can buy Elan International skirts that have been designed especially for the working women. They have a nice cut and are available in various colors and sizes.

Some other don’ts of business casual wear for women are avoiding wearing flashy jewelry pieces and other accessories. One should also keep the make up to the minimum and make do with just eye liner, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss.

Though scarves serve as an excellent accessory for women’s business clothing, steer clear of those in eye grabbing colors or with graphic designs. It is best to avoid sleeveless dresses that have low necklines. Lastly, do not wear chunky bracelets or bangles to office that make a clanking sound every time you move your hand.

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