Business Casual: What to Wear to Work Men’s Style, Grooming and Fitness
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Int this video professional male image consultant and fashion expert Aaron Marino talks about what it means when dress code is defined as business casual. Aaron discusses the various men’s dress code options and helps you look your best at work. What to wear to work is a question that many men struggle, Alpha M is here to help and help you look your best!
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19 thoughts on “Business Casual: What to Wear to Work

  1. I'll never understand the whole shirt over collared shirt thing. Looks too stupid and uncomfortable. Like 90s Carlton from Fresh Prince.

  2. Oh my. That ending where you said "move out of my way Jason." Better watch out bro, I'm coming up too.

  3. What about ties?  There's nothing like a tie to give a man that always-sought-after professional look.

  4. Your environment is the biggest factor in deciding what you will wear.

    For instance, I am a Production Manager and I have to strike a balance between being ready for a meeting with senior management, to bailing out one of my supervisors when he/she cannot get the production floor under control…

    In other words, I cannot afford to be at BC3 or even BC2 most days, since there may be times I have to be around dirty production areas during audits and such.

  5. whenever i go to an interview i always wear dickies shorts with a wife beater shirt. for shoes i prefer to wear crocks with white knee high socks. i get the job every time.

  6. I don't care for polos too much for all the reasons he stated… but during the summer I feel like it's the only option for business casual

  7. I noticed in all your videos that you can't raise your hands above your shoulders cause your clothes are always too tight, where's the functionality you're talking about?

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