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Of all the reasons students fail to graduate on time, poor planning is probably the most easily avoided. So let’s avoid it by using graduation plans, degree audit systems, and other things.

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  1. I'd like to note, it's a rather useless statistic to select the 4-year mark when someone is, arbitrarily, granted a "degree". What's more important is the data on (GPA) performance per year in college, to see if an individual peaks younger. If an individual has maintained a 4.0 at his/her junior year, but takes an additional 5 years to graduate, telling me that their peers finished a degree in 4 years, with a mediocre 3.0 GPA, does not do justice to the idea that finishing a degree sooner, makes someone "smarter". As the rarity of being a junior with a 4.0 well exceeds the rarity of being able to finish a garden variety degree with a 3.0, in the conventional time period. (Not to mention certain majors require learning material that is far more intricately complex (ie STEM majors)). Though an IQ test would suggest a mental peak, for everyone, at around 25 years old, the IQ test ignores certain factors of creativity that emerge with expertise in complex systems – factors which allow one to obtain good grades, brainstorm ideas, invent new models. In the developmental (empiricist) sense, it's clear that some people peak sooner than others.

  2. If a class you need is full, put yourself on the wait list. And if you still don't get in and you need the class to graduate on time, (respectfully) ask the professor. It is sometimes possible to override the class size limit, if there is space in the room and the prof is able to take on another student. Don't count on it (you're best bet is still registering on time), but don't be afraid to ask.

  3. My issue is working 35 hours a week. I want to quit my job but my old man is pressuring me to keep the job since I make a lot of money.

  4. Thomas Bro i like your College info Geek Shirt alot But Bro seriously You look alot nicer In this Blue shirt ! you should wear this piece of outfit on your dates seriously man i need that shirt too !

  5. at my school we run a "what-if scenario" if we want to switch majors or minors to see how far along we already are in that new situation before making the official switch.

  6. I should've watched this video 7 years ago when I first stepped into the college life!

    yeah i know this vid did not exist back then but u know~~

  7. Hey great advice, I'm loving these videos! I actually have a video suggestion of you don't mind. Could you do a video on how to  handle a situation where you have a lot of work to do but only a short time to do it? Say you have like 4 exams and 2 papers to do in a week, how would you prepare for this?

  8. To all those who are complaining about the fact that he didn't provide a plan for you. The point of this is to encourage you to create your own plan for yourself!! It's a shame most of the commenters don't seem to understand this..

  9. Hello there (yes you!), are you looking for a way to graduate with less debt, AND a job that makes you money? Follow this 3 easy steps (everything in life is solved in 3 easy steps, not 2, not 4, but 3, easy, steps): 1) Major in an in-demand job, currently the majors in demand are Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics (these change based on demand/supply, but you can't go wrong with these 3). 2) pick an accredited school you can afford (one you can pay cash for, or cash flow with work) Note: accredited Regionally, and for Engineering (ABET). 3) Work while you're in school, not any retail job, or something stupid, work on a job thats related to your major, not only you'll get paid more, but you're going to gain work experience, future opportunities (maybe a job after school), and a realistic feel for your major. ALL the money from your work should go into student loans and tuition, don't buy a car, or a house with this money. If you need more life advise, you can send me a message. Thanks and good luck!

  10. I find this very hard to relate too… first of all let me just say that he is a very good speaker but he is talking from a higher class. he started off with his parents achievements and him buying a Mercedes bends at 18 lol but that is very un relatable. most of us did not graduate with a 4.0 and attend UCLA so right there he has more leverage than most off us, therefore it would be easier for a job to appear at his doorstep for the reason he is of a good economic background .

  11. Was trying to give this a chance, but then he said that Wikipedia was a better way to learn than college, and the crowd burst into applause. Is this TED for dummies?

  12. He acts as though outperforming people academically is so easy. Try being someone who only learns kinesthetically, and a person that outperforms athletically. Try being someone that literally learned jack didley shit in all of high school and college, yet is gifted at their job. People who are actually good at DOING things are always told they are failures in the world of education.

  13. The title is misleading. If higher education is doubling at a speed faster than light, how does choosing a college with a higher $ help you have less debt?

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