Miss USA 2017 Evening Gown Preliminary Competition [Full HD]

Miss USA 2017 will be the 66th Miss USA pageant. It will be held on May 14, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deshauna Barber of the District of Columbia will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner will represent the United States at the Miss Universe 2017 competition.

Miss USA 2017 Full Show | FULL HD
Alabama Alabama Baylee Smith[13]
Alaska Alaska Alyssa London[14]
Arizona Arizona Tommy Lynn Calhoun[15]
Arkansas Arkansas Arynn Johnson[16]
California California India Williams[17]
Colorado Colorado Sabrina Janssen
Connecticut Connecticut Olga Litvinenko[18]
Delaware Delaware Mia Jones[20]
Washington, D.C. District of Columbia Kára McCullough
Florida Florida Linette De Los Santos[21]
Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia DeAnna Johnson[22]
Hawaii Hawaii Julie Kuo
Idaho Idaho Cassie Lewis[23]
Illinois Illinois Whitney Wandland[24]
Indiana Indiana Brittany Winchester[25]
Iowa Iowa Kelsey Weier[26]
Kansas Kansas Catherine Carmichael
Kentucky Kentucky Madelynne Myers[27]
Louisiana Louisiana Bethany Trahan[28]
Maine Maine Brooke Harris[29]
Maryland Maryland Adrianna David[30]
Massachusetts Massachusetts Julia Scaparotti[31]
Michigan Michigan Krista Ferguson[32]
Minnesota Minnesota Meridith Gould[33]
Mississippi Mississippi Ashley Hamby
Missouri Missouri Bayleigh Dayton[34][35]
Montana Montana Brooke Bezanson[36]
Nebraska Nebraska Jasmine Fuelberth[37]
Nevada Nevada Lauren York[38]
New Hampshire New Hampshire Sarah Mousseau[39]
New Jersey New Jersey Chhavi Verg[40]
New Mexico New Mexico Ashley Mora[41]
New York (state) New York Hannah Lopa[42]
North Carolina North Carolina Katie Coble[43]
North Dakota North Dakota Raquel Wellentin[44]
Ohio Ohio Dinaleigh Baxter[45]
Oklahoma Oklahoma Alex Smith
Oregon Oregon Elizabeth Denny
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Cassandra Angst
Rhode Island Rhode Island Kelsey Swanson
South Carolina South Carolina Megan Gordon
South Dakota South Dakota Tessa Dee[46]
Tennessee Tennessee Allee-Sutton Hethcoat
Texas Texas Nancy Gonzalez
Utah Utah Baylee Jensen
Vermont Vermont Madison Cota
Virginia Virginia Jacqueline Carroll[47]
Washington (state) Washington Alex Carlson-Helo
West Virginia West Virginia Lauren Roush[48]
Wisconsin Wisconsin Skylar Witte
Wyoming Wyoming Mikaela Shaw
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Video Content:
00:53 Jacket
The classic choice for a fabric is a black wool barathea which is a little more matte and alternatively, you can opt for something navy or a very dark blue, maybe with a herringbone weave, some people even go with fine twill weave or a plain weave.
02:19 Vents
The most traditional jacket has no vents which is unusual today because most jackets have either side vents or center vents.
02:39 Pocket Style
The most original pocket style is jetted pockets. You have one on the right, one on the left, no ticket pocket.
02:50 Buttons
You want black matching buttons that are either covered in the same fabric as your tuxedo or silk, or you go with a contrasting button.
03:10 Lapels
Should be faced with silk.
03:47 What to avoid
– You do not want a flannel material
– Avoid notched lapels
– Avoid any two button or three button single breasted jackets
– Avoid side vents and center vents
04:20 Trousers
You want a matching material to the jacket in the same color. A special hallmark of the black tie trouser is a strip of fabric on the side which is also called galon.
06:23 Vest
When it comes to an evening vest, they’re very different from your day vest. They have a much deeper cut out so you see more of your shirt front and the studs on your shirt front.
05:31 Cummerbund
When you wear your cummerbund, make sure that the pleats face upwards not downwards.
07:09 Tuxedo Shirt
It’s made of a white fabric usually poplin or twill and it always has an insert. It can either be in Marcella or a pique cotton insert, it can be a pleated front or sometimes just a finely woven pattern.
08:39 Black Bow Tie
Never wear a black neck tie, that would be incorrect. The only acceptable color is black and you can go with different shapes and textures.
09:21 Shoes
The only two options were a capless Oxford shoe that was laced or opera pumps also known as court shoes with a deep cut out and a bow in front.
10:59 Black Tie Accessories
You want to have black silk socks that are over the calf.
11:35 Cuff links
Usually black such as onyx or abalone, sometimes, they would come as a matching set with your shirt style. Personally, I also like to wear white mother of pearl studs because it just provides a different look .
12:14 Boutonniere
Most classic choice are carnations. White or red will work as well but you can also go with pink or white or any other color for that matter that suits you. If you wear a boutonniere, make sure you wear the stem through the buttonhole of your lapel.
13:41 Hat
The perfect hat would be a homburg hat because it has the right degree of formality.
13:56 White evening gloves
It definitely provides a very dapper look, screams elegance.

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33 thoughts on “Miss USA 2017 Evening Gown Preliminary Competition [Full HD]

  1. the first half are just average, the other half are gorgeous. …..tennessee, utah are pretty and gorgeous.

  2. GOWN observations:
    Georgia – inspired gown by Miss Columbia turned Miss Universe 2014.
    Illinois – inspired gown by Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber
    Kansas – inspired by Miss Universe 2015 Pia's Preliminary gown
    Utah – inspired by Miss USA 2014 and Miss Universe 2015 Pia's blue gown (back pattern)

    BEST GOWN: Louisiana
    WORST: Minnesota & West Virginia (old-fashioned)

  3. ไม่ชอบรูปแบบการประกวดเลยขอแบบเดิมเถอะ
    i love miss u 2000-2015
    no love 2016

  4. Arizona, California(kabogera atech!), Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia this are my top 20 who I think did shine in this round.

  5. Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic certainly a plethora and wealth of wonderful black tie and tuxedo information thanks Mr. Schneider for such detail and insightful knowledge!

  6. may suspenders be of a color other than white or black? May white or black suspenders have a pattern such as paisley?

  7. Although uncommon, would it be correct to wear a bowler with black tie? Also, I thought that a boater with a black band is appropriate with black tie when worn in summer, am I mistaken?

  8. Fantastic video! I hope the next one is on moves that will make you the best dancer at your next black tie event!!

  9. I'm surprised you didn't mention to avoid those cheap pre-tied bow ties. Of course, those of us who follow you know better, but new viewers may not know.

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